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Next Game 5th December

Last games for all u11s and those not in Grand Finals. 

 2nd REGISTRATION DAY => Occurring this week at the complex on Saturday.

Allstars     FTG Blueberries

Supastarz  FTG Bluebells

11 Green   FTG Blue Topaz

11 White   FTG Powder Blue


13/2   FTG Wedgewood Blue

13/3   FTG Misty Blue

13/4   FTG Azure Blue

13/5   FTG Indigo Blue

         FTG Marine Blue

13/6   FTG Cornflower Blue


13/1     FTG  Blue Opals

17/1     FTG Blue Diamonds

17/2     FTG Coral Blue

23/2     FTG Jasper Blue

           FTG Raven Blue


15/1        FTG Crystal Blue

15/2        FTG Midnight Blue

17/4        FTG Sea Blue

Premier 2 FTG Teal Blue


15/5     FTG Steel Blue

15/4     FTG Cobalt Blue

Premier 1   FTG Blue Sapphires


 Details of fixtures and ladders can be found at   my.netball.com.au

  You need to select Mountain District netball Association ( make it your default) then you can access matches, player stats etc


Notice Board


Thank you to those who registered on Saturday, for everyone else, you can come along this week 5th December and register. 

        SATURDAY    5/12/2015

where:  Knox Netball Centre, Dempster Street FTG      Time:9am til 12:30pm

All CURRENT and NEW players must complete registration and pay a minimum of a $50 non refundable deposit per player. 
You also have the option to pay your Winter ($175) OR Annual fees ($240) and your NVM ( $49 junior, $69 senior) on one of the above Registration dates. 
The minimum $50 deposit MUST be paid to be eligible to grade and be placed into a team 

See the registration page or the fees page for more information

FTG Netball Club AGM  was held on 18 November.

There are a number of unfilled positions, which if not filled will affect the running of the club next year. Pleas see the email sent this week for more information.

Please consider coming on committee to help run this wonderful club of ours. Different positions have different skill requirements, and need varying amounts of time commitment. 




Call out for FTG Dresses... We have a number of players who are filling in for Spring and we are asking if anyone has a second hand dress that they would either like to:
donate back to the club so it can be loaned out, 
or would like to sell it, 
or are willing to loan it for the spring season. 
Ladies sizes - medium, large and Xtra large are needed Please contact Janet , our uniforms officer on 0450 392 232 (please send sms during business hours)