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Welcome back to our 2016 Netball Season


Thank you to everyone that attended grading yesterday (Sunday 31st).

As you can appreciate there is now a lot of work behind the scenes to put together our teams, organise coaches, sort out training timetables etc.
Our teams need to be submitted to the Association on the 22nd Feb, after that date you will be contacted by your coach with details of team and training time


All club fee payments must be paid in full before the first game (5th March)  invoices will be emailed out this week, showing the balance of fees due, for those that did not finalise their payments yesterday. 

Please watch the web site for updates and information over the next few weeks.. 

We look forward to having everyone back on the courts soon,

FTG Netball Club Committee



 Details of fixtures and ladders can be found at   my.netball.com.au

  You need to select Mountain District netball Association (make it your default) then you can access matches, player stats etc


Notice Board

 Netball Victoria Membership 2016 

All players must complete registration and have paid Netball Victoria Membership BEFORE playing,  or they will not be permitted to take to the court.

Netball Victoria now requires players to have paid and be registered in their system BEFORE their insurance is valid. So you cannot pay and play on the same day anymore.

See the registration page or the fees page for more information

2016 committee

There are still a few unfilled positions, which if not filled will affect the running of the club next year. Please see the email sent last week for more information.

Please consider coming on committee to help run this wonderful club of ours. Different positions have different skill requirements, and need varying amounts of time commitment.