Teams in General Club

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Aunties 'n' Neffs  (Monday Mixed League T2 PB)

BBC Tech Ballers  (Monday Mixed League T2 PB)

Benchwarmers  (Monday Mixed League T2 PB)

Central Vikings  (Wednesday Mens Pool B)

Fastbreak  (Yr 7&8 Term 3 Grading)

Flex Fitness  (Monday Mixed League T2 PA)

Flex Fitness  (Wednesday Mens Pool A)

Freeballers  (Monday Mixed League T2 PA)

Freestylers  (Monday Mixed League T2 PB)

Freezer  (Wednesday Mens Pool A)

Hammertrons  (Monday Mixed League T2 PB)

Heat Runners  (Yr 7&8 Term 3 Grading)

Huskies  (Wednesday Mens Pool B)

Kina Boys  (Wednesday Mens Pool B)

Metropolitan Mafia  (Wednesday Mens Pool A)

Oceans 12  (Monday Mixed League T2 PB)

Rainmen  (Monday Mixed League T2 PA)

Rotorua BHS  (Senior Prem Boys Pool A)

Seamonsters  (Wednesday Mens Pool B)

Tai Wananga Boys  (Senior Open Boys)

Tai Wananga Girls  (Senior Open Girls)

Taimana  (Monday Mixed League T2 PA)

Te Kowhai Sonics  (Yr 7&8 Term 3 Grading)

The Arena  (Monday Mixed League T2 PA)

The Guardians  (Monday Mixed League T2 PA)

The Outsiders  (Monday Mixed League T2 PA)

The Stylers  (Wednesday Mens Pool A)

Toku Mapihi Tuna 2  (Yr 7&8 Term 3 Grading)

TVB's  (Wednesday Mens Pool A)

Uni Woverines  (Wednesday Mens Pool B)

Waikato Cavs  (Yr 7&8 Term 3 Grading)

Waikato Uni B's  (Wednesday Mens Pool B)

Waikato Uni Varsity  (Wednesday Mens Pool A)

White Hot  (Wednesday Mens Pool B)

Young n Old  (Monday Mixed League T2 PB)