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All of the Above  (Mens League T3 2014)

Baby Heat  (Yr 1&2 T3 Pool A)

Benchwarmers  (Monday Mixed League Grading)

Central Vikings  (Mens League T3 2014)

Craigz  (Monday Mixed League Grading)

Fastbreak  (Yr 7&8 T3 Pool B)

Flex Fitness  (Mens League T3 2014)

Flex Fitness  (Monday Mixed League Grading)

Geriatrix  (Mens League T3 2014)

Heat Ballers  (Yr 3&4 T3 Pool A)

Heat Hoopsters  (Yr 3&4 T3 Pool D)

Heat Runners  (Yr 7&8 T3 Pool A)

Herbalife Nutterz  (Monday Mixed League Grading)

Hillcrest Pharmacy Bengals  (Monday Mixed League Grading)

Insoll Lightning  (Yr 5&6 T3 Pool D)

Jon and Alziere  (Monday Mixed League Grading)

KBC Sonics  (Yr 3&4 T3 Pool B)

Kina Boys  (Mens League T3 2014)

Marian Lakers  (Yr 5&6 T3 Pool A)

Metropolitan Mafia  (Mens League T3 2014)

Nawton Giants  (Yr 5&6 T3 Pool E)

Opus  (Mens League T3 2014)

Raw Essentials  (Monday Mixed League Grading)

Reachout  (Monday Mixed League Grading)

Rotorua BHS  (Snr Prem Boys Mid Four)

Rototuna Lakers  (Yr 5&6 T3 Pool F)

Rototuna Pistons  (Yr 5&6 T3 Pool A)

Rotten Corn  (Monday Mixed League Grading)

Snipers  (Monday Mixed League Grading)

Taimana  (Monday Mixed League Grading)

Tamahere Stars  (Yr 5&6 T3 Pool D)

Te Kowhai Sonics  (Yr 7&8 T3 Pool D)

The Outsiders  (Monday Mixed League Grading)

Therapists  (Monday Mixed League Grading)

Tornadoes  (Monday Mixed League Grading)

Troid Eire  (Mens League T3 2014)

TVB's  (Mens League T3 2014)

Undecided  (Yr 1&2 T3 Pool A)

Previously Associated Competitions

Undecided  (Yr 5&6 T3 Pool D)

Undecided  (Yr 5&6 T3 Pool E)

Undecided  (Yr 5&6 T3 Pool A)

Undecided  (Yr 5&6 T3 Pool C)

Undecided  (Yr 5&6 T3 Pool B)

Waikato Cavs  (Yr 7&8 T3 Pool C)

Waikato Uni A  (Mens League T3 2014)

Waikato Uni B  (Mens League T3 2014)

X-Factor 34  (Yr 3&4 T3 Pool A)

X-factor 43  (Yr 3&4 T3 Pool C)

X-Factor Dev  (Yr 1&2 T3 Pool B)