Teams in General Club

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AJHS Bulls  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

AJHS Heat  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

AJHS Hornets  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

AJHS Kings  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

AJHS Magic  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

AJHS Pacers  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

AJHS Thunder  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

AJHS Wildcats  (Intermediate Girls League 1)

Average Bros  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

Balboas  (A Grade Men Winter League 2014)

Bargets  (Women's Winter League 2014)

Basketball Times  (A Grade Men Winter League 2014)

Bayfield Lakers  (Miniball Mixed League Gold)

Bayfield Thunder  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

Bayview Breakers  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

Bayview Warriors  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

Beach Haven Ballers  (Miniball Mixed league Orange)

Belmont Bombers  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

Belmont Breakers  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

Belmont Bulldogs  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

Belmont Cougers  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

Belmont Dunkers  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

Belmont Jets  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

Belmont Knights  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

Belmont Lightning  (Miniball Mixed league Orange)

Belmont Lions  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

Belmont Panthers  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

Belmont Slammers  (Miniball Mixed League Gold)

Belmont Stingers  (Intermediate Girls League 1)

Belmont Thunder  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

Belmont Thunder  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

Belmont Tigers  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

Birkenhead Flames  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

Birkenhead Knights  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

BIS Bang Bang  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

BIS Bongos  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

BIS Boom  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

BIS Bubbles  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

BIS Burners  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

BIS Buzzers  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

BIS Dream Team  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

Britich Isles  (Social Men Winter 2014)

Britomart Beavers  (Social Men Winter 2014)

Burt Splenk  (A Grade Men Winter League 2014)

Carmel Breakers  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

Carmel Flyers  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

Carmel Heat  (Intermediate Girls League 1)

CBS Celtics  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

CBS Heat  (Miniball Mixed league White)

CBS Lakers  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

CBS Rockets  (Miniball Mixed league White)

CBS Spurs  (Miniball Mixed league Orange)

Chelsea Breakers  (Miniball Mixed League Gold)

Chelsea Chasers  (Miniball Mixed league White)

Chelsea Harriers  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

Chelsea Tigers  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

Datacom Blue  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

DDM Mad Men  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

Detroit Bad Boys  (Social Men Winter 2014)

Devonport Flames  (Miniball Mixed league Orange)

Devonport Thunder  (Miniball Mixed League Gold)

Dolphinz  (Premier Men Winter 2014)

Dolphinz  (A Grade Men Winter League 2014)

Dolphinz Black  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

Dolphinz Blue  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

Dolphinz Deep  (A Reserve Men Winter 2014)

Dolphinz Raiders  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

Dolphinz Silver  (A Reserve Men Winter 2014)

Dolphinz Spinnerz  (Women's Winter League 2014)

Dolphinz XT  (Women's Winter League 2014)

Dusty 816  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

East Coast Bayes  (A Grade Men Winter League 2014)

FHW  (Women's Winter League 2014)

Fumblers  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

Glenfield Barbies  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

Glenfield Bullets  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

Glenfield Firebirds  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

Glenfield Thunder  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

Glenfiled Ballerz  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

Grey Lynn Bulls  (Social Men Winter 2014)

Horselyf  (Premier Men Winter 2014)

Hot Mustard  (Social Men Winter 2014)

Knights  (A Grade Men Winter League 2014)

Kristin  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

Kristin Black  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

Kristin Blue 4  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

Kristin Doves  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

Kristin Green 4  (Miniball Mixed league Orange)

Kristin Jade  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

Kristin Navy  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

Kristin Red 3  (Miniball Mixed league White)

Kristin Red 4  (Miniball Mixed League Gold)

Kristin White  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

Kura Tu Toa  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

Line 7  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

Los Bombers  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

Mairangi Bay All Stars  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

Mairangi Bay Dunkers  (Miniball Mixed league White)

Mairangi Bay Mob  (A Grade Men Winter League 2014)

Mairangi Bay Pistons  (Miniball Mixed league White)

Marlborough Breakers  (Miniball Mixed league Orange)

Marlborough Hoops  (Miniball Mixed league White)

Mavericks  (Premier Men Winter 2014)

MBIS Assasians  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

MBIS Bears  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

MBIS Bobcats  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

MBIS Breeze  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

MBIS Cobras  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

MBIS Falcons  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

MBIS Force  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

MBIS Gators  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

MBIS Hunters  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

MBIS Mustangs  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

MBIS Piranhas  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

MBIS Pythons  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

MBIS Scorpions  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

MBIS Sharks  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

MBIS Snipers  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

MBIS Stelth  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

MBIS Stingrays  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

MBIS Storm  (Intermediate Girls League 1)

MBIS Taipans  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

MBIS Thunder  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

MBIS Tigers  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

MBIS Vipers  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

Milford Heat  (Miniball Mixed League Gold)

Milford Lakers  (Miniball Mixed league Orange)

Milford Magic  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

Milford Thunder  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

MUCBA  (Social Men Winter 2014)

Navy  (Women's Winter League 2014)

Navy  (A Grade Men Winter League 2014)

Navy  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

North Harbour U23's  (Premier Men Winter 2014)

Northcote Heat  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

Northcote Nuggets  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

Northcote Thunder  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

Northcross Breakers  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

Northcross Celtics  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

Northcross Clippers  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

Northcross Heat  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

Northcross Hornets  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

Northcross Jazz  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

Northcross Kings  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

Northcross Knicks  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

Northcross Magic  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

Northcross Mavericks  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

Northcross Nuggets  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

Northcross Pacers  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

Northcross Pistons  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

Northcross Raptors  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

Northcross Sonic  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

Northcross Spurs  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

Northcross Stars  (Intermediate Girls League 1)

Northcross Suns  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

Northcross Trailblazers  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

Northcross Warriors  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

Northside  (Premier Men Winter 2014)

Nothing But Net  (Social Men Winter 2014)

Orsum  (A Reserve Men Winter 2014)

Orsum  (Women's Winter League 2014)

Pinehill Sonics  (Miniball Mixed league White)

Pinehurst Heat  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

Pinehurst Lakers  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

Pinehurst Nuggets  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

Ponsonby Pacers  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

Ponsonby Panthers  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

Ponsonby Patriots  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

Ponsonby Pelicans  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

Ponsonby Penguins  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

Ponsonby Phoenix  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

Ponsonby Piglets  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

Ponsonby Pirates  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

Ponsonby Pistons  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

Ponsonby Pumas  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

Ponsonby Pythons  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

PWC Buckets  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

Raiders  (A Reserve Men Winter 2014)

Rangitoto  (Premier Men Winter 2014)

Red Army  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

Rivits  (Premier Men Winter 2014)

Rosmini Breakers  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

Rosmini Bulls  (Intermediate Boys League 11)

Rosmini Celtics  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

Rosmini Grizzlies  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

Rosmini Hawks  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

Rosmini Heat  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

Rosmini Jazz  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

Rosmini Knicks  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

Rosmini Lakers  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

Rosmini Old Boys  (A Grade Men Winter League 2014)

Rosmini Pacers  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

Rosmini Raptors  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

Rosmini Rockets  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

Rosmini Thunder  (Intermediate Boys League 6)

Sixers  (Women's Winter League 2014)

St Joe's Breakers  (Miniball Mixed League Gold)

St Joe's Spurs  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

St Leo's  (Miniball Mixed league Orange)

St Mary's Allstars  (Miniball Mixed league White)

St Mary's Angels  (Intermediate Girls League 1)

St Mary's Saints  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

Stallions  (A Reserve Men Winter 2014)

Sub Zeros  (A Reserve Men Winter 2014)

Sumor  (Women's Winter League 2014)

Sunnybrae Bulls  (Miniball Mixed League Black)

Sunnybrae Hornets  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

Sunnybrae Magic  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

Sunnybrae Supersonics  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

Sunnybrae Thunder  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

Sunnynook Allstars  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

Sunnynook Sharks  (Miniball Mixed league Orange)

Team Blond  (A Reserve Men Winter 2014)

The A Team  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

The Bricklayers  (B Grade Men Winter 2014)

The Mutombros  (A Reserve Men Winter 2014)

The Sky Hookers  (Social Men Winter 2014)

The Unknowns  (A Grade Men Winter League 2014)

TNIS Blazers  (Intermediate Boys League 9)

TNIS Bulls  (Intermediate Boys League 5)

TNIS Celtics  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

TNIS Clippers  (Intermediate Boys League 12)

TNIS Heat  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

TNIS Jazz  (Intermediate Boys League 10)

TNIS Magic  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

TNIS Mavericks  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

TNIS Nuggets  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

TNIS Pistons  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

TNIS Raptors  (Intermediate Girls League 2)

TNIS Rockets  (Intermediate Boys League 3)

TNIS Spurs  (Intermediate Boys League 4)

TNIS Stars  (Intermediate Boys League 1)

TNIS Suns  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

TNIS Thunder  (Intermediate Girls League 1)

Verran 2  (Miniball Mixed League Green)

Verran Team 1  (Miniball Mixed League Red)

Vikings  (A Grade Men Winter League 2014)

Wairau Celtics  (Intermediate Girls League 1)

Wairau Heat  (Intermediate Boys League 7)

Wairau Magic  (Intermediate Boys League 2)

Wairau Thunder  (Intermediate Girls League 3)

Wairau Warriors  (Intermediate Boys League 8)

Warriors  (Social Men Winter 2014)

Westlake  (Premier Men Winter 2014)

Wiggles  (A Grade Men Winter League 2014)

Willow Park Allstars  (Miniball Mixed League Gold)

Willow Park Breeze  (Miniball Mixed league Orange)

Willow Park Comets  (Miniball Mixed league White)