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29/05/16 - ROUND 6 - Diggers v Melton Centrals at Bloomdale Oval, Diggers Rest. 


The Diggers Rest FNC invites all life members and players, both past and present, of our great club to attend our Past Players Day this Saturday 28 May 2016  as we take on Melton Centrals at home.

Life members and past players will receive free entry to the game as well as the halftime presidents lunch. After the senior game, we will be celebrating Jeff Heritage and Cole Laurie's 200th games with an iPod shuffle function. All are welcome to attend. See clubs Facebook page for details.









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2016 Melton Toyota Seniors
1 Diggers Rest 24
2 Macedon 24
3 Sunbury Kangaroos 16
4 Riddell 16
5 Wallan 16
6 Lancefield 12
7 Rupertswood 12
8 Woodend-Hesket 8
9 Broadford 8
10 Melton Centrals 4
11 Romsey 4
12 Rockbank 0
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