Presentation Day Awards

Well done to all teams and players of the HPJFC for a fantastic season in 2014

We're all looking forward to seeing you all again in 2015 for an even bigger and better season

Congratulations to the following players who received awards on Presentation Day...

  Under 9's  
Most Determined - Patrick Adair
Most Determined - Luke Stansfield
Coaches Award - Nevan Hosking-Gregory
Encouragement Award - Joshua Pavolif
Encouragement Award - Charlie Mackie

  Under 10's  
Best & Fairest - Tjayse Armstrong /Jack Romeike
Runners Up - Brice L'etang
Most Consistent (3rd) - Hayden Steel
Most Determined - Mitchell Saly
Most Improved - Cristall Layfield
Coaches Award - Jack Odgers

  Under 11's  
Best & Fairest - Patrick Sinnema
Runners Up - Tyrone Sudgen
Most Consistent (3rd) - Damon Cornell
Most Determined - Sam Stokes
Most Improved - Jessica Cataldo
Coaches Award - Liam Fraser

  Under 12's 
Best & Fairest - Jack Agar
Runners Up - Ollie Qi
Most Consistent (3rd) - Cain Stansfield
Most Determined - Teresa Cataldo
Most Improved - Liam Will
Coaches Award - Ryan Gatt

  Under 13's  
Best & Fairest - Michael Bednarek
Runners Up - Nathan Ramea
Most Consistent (3rd) - Luke Williams
Most Determined - Jarrod Sutherland
Most Improved - Billy Ross
Coaches Award - Roheed Said Nari

  Under 14's  
Best & Fairest - CJ Layfield
Runners Up - Aaron Browning
Most Consistent (3rd) - Emily Browning
Most Determined - Asiah Goldsmith
Most Improved - Cyle Kurukchi
Coaches Award - Damon Hazelden

  Under 17's 
Best & Fairest - Zac McDonald
Runners Up - Nicholas De Poilly
Most Consistent (3rd) - Mark Stadnikov
Most Determined - Tommy Lacomel
Most Improved - John Vongphone
Coaches Award - Jayden Singh / Kyle Frith

  Youth Girls  
Best & Fairest - Samara Hazelden
Runners Up - Taylor Jacobs
Most Consistent (3rd) - Carleen Ryan
Most Determined - Nicola Weston
Most Improved - Zoe Bishop

Keith Callow Award - Caleb Odgers
Presidents Award - CJ Layfield
Tammie Stokes Award - Sarah Bishop