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Club Honours 2015

Life Member Brad Hockey
Junior Life Members Kail Goodwin
  Bailey Goodwin
  Jai Hockey
  Brandon Barker
  Brendon Knowles
  Jon Magriplis
  Riley Barker
Michael Butterworth Trophy Melita Demtschyna and Terry Brooks
Jay Waugh Memorial Trophy Shayla McAuliffe
Chris Keeble Memorial Trophy Shayla McAuliffe

Under 9s Trophy List 2015

Best and Fairest 1.  Abbigail Serong and Jackson Hall
  2.  Hector Orr
  3.  Connor Camilleri
Most Courageous Lewis Greagan
Most Consistent Seliano Melekiola
Most Improved Emmerson Thorn
Coach's Award Michael Bellissimo
Goal Kicking Abbigail Serong

Under 10s Trophy List 2015

Best and Fairest 1.  Sam Atkinson
  2.  Jacob Bosnjak
  3.  Luke Prorok-Gadsden
Most Courageous Jordan Prorok-Gadsden
Most Consistent Keith Tafolo
Most Improved Ricky Raffaelli
Coach's Award Kaleb Shaw
Team Manager's Jake Gray
Goal Kicking Ben Atkinson-Brown

Under 11s Trophy List 2015

Best and Fairest 1.  Kyarran Brown
  2.  Khani Isamailoski
  3.  Dakoda Kelly
Most Courageous Joel Kelly
Most Consistent Dylan Ingle
Most Improved Ethan Dowsett
Coach's Award Brody Rice
Team Manager's Khani Isamailoski
Goal Kicking Kyarran Brown

Under 14s Trophy List 2015

Best and Fairest 1.  Jai Hockey
  2.  Brandon Barker
  3.  Paul Kalogriopoulos
Most Courageous Brodie Camilleri
Most Consistent Bailey Goodwin
Most Improved Ethan Cain
Coach's Award Chris Inkson
Team Manager's Robbie Dannock
Goal Kicking Jai Hockey

Youth Girls Trophy List 2015

Best and Fairest 1.  Taylor Albrecht
  2.  Codie Kelly and Caitlyn Marmo
  3.  Nikita Gibbs
Most Courageous Jasmine Wilson
Most Consistent Mikayla Porteous
Most Improved Shondell Barker
Coach's Award Hayley Turner
Team Manager's Madison Tregoning
Goal Kicking Caitlyn Marmo

Games List 2015

100 Games Kail Goodwin
50 Games Abbigail Serong
  Samuel Atkinson
  Luke Prorok-Gadsden
  Bailey Halliday
  Jacob Bosnjak
  Joel Kelly
  Ethan Dowsett
  Kyarran Brown
  Maddison Barker
  Riley Barker
  Codie Kelly

Keon Park Cricket Club is looking for boys and girls

to play in its Milo Cricket, under 11s, 13s, 15s + 17s teams.

Also the Club is starting a Youth Girls Team

Training every Wednesday @ 4.45pm

Vicki - 0409 182 751

Keon Park Stars JFC on Facebook

We're from Keon Park
A fighting fury, we're from Keon Park
In any weather you will see us with a grin
Risking head and shin
If we're behind, then never mind
We'll fight and fight and win
For we're from Keon Park
We'll never weaken til the final sirens gone
Like the Parkers of old
We're strong and we're bold
For we're the Parkers, yellow and black
We're from Keon Park

Reservoir RSL  -  251 Spring Street  -  9469 2759

Flexi Robes  -  1 Lawson Crescent, Thomastown -  9469 6150

S.V.C. Products  -  2 Chaffey Street, Thomastown  -  9460 3813

Rose Shamrock Hotel  -  709 Plenty Road, Reservoir  -  9470 2055

House of M and K  -  10/22-30 Wallace Avenue, Point Cook  -  9368 0101

Royal Garden Body Care  -  29 Johnson Street, Reservoir  -  9460 2148

Keon Park Newsagency  -  47 Johnson Street, Reservoir  -  9460 1235

Yarra Avenue Fish & Chip Shop  -  9460 4282

Keon Park Cricket Club  -  0409 182 751

MBM Air Conditioning  -  0419 881 225

Glen Cameron Trucking  -  9729 9988

Dexion Citi Port  -  9921 9000