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View of Hurstbridge township from Thorns Hill
HB District Football Match circa 1910 - 1918
View at Hurstbridge Bridge circa 1910 - 1918

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Hursbridge Football & Netball Club

As we head into the EASTER BREAK it's perhaps a good time to start our look back at what was going on in and around Hurstbridge 100 years ago when our club was formed.  Back then the world was a vastly different place and lived at a vastly different pace!  The newly extended rail line was an important link to other districts up the line and to markets and commerce in the city of Melbourne.  Horses and horse drawn vehicles were the main form of private transport other than "shank's pony" or "walking" for you younger club members.  Orcharding and Gold Mining were major industries in the area with several mining operations in nearby Panton hill and Queenstown (now St Andrews).  Most people worked all week and Saturday mornings so football and cricket became important recreational and social activities to pursue in their weekend time off.  The following is an extract of a newspaper article taken from The Evelyn Observer dated 24th July 1914. 


The above teams met at Hurstbridge on the 28th inst and after a very friendly game, resulted in a win for Hurstbridge.  The South Morang team was very weak, owing no doubt, to the distance to be travelled, (suggesting some may have walked) and at the start of the game were unable to put a full team in the field, and played only 16 men for the first quarter.  The game throughout was very onesided and calls for very little description with the exception of one or two events that were worthy of note.  First the brilliant and dashing play of Millar of Morang, whether  roving or placed , he was always the star of the bunch.  Yates of Hurstbridge played with his usual dash and took some vey nice high marks.  Another feature of the game worth mention was a brilliant dash by Ted Yates, who secured the ball on the back line and concluded a remarlably fine run around the wing by kicking a behind at the other end.  Such a fine run was worthy of a better conclusion.  The game throughout was played in a friendly spirit and hard bumps and elbowing were conspicuous by their entire abscence.   The final scores were Hurstbridge 17 goals 23 behinds, 125 points, South Morang 2 goals 1 behind, 13 points.  Umpire Cheesley had a very easy job and gave general satisfaction.  

Photos from top to bottom: View of Hurstbridge from Thorns Hill circa 1910 - 1918.  Hurstbridge District football match circa 1910 - 1918 and Hurstbridge Bridge

- extract and photos from State Library of Victoria archives.

Reminder - after the Rnd 3 Panton Hill game on the 26th, the club will host a "Meet & Greet Couples Drink" night back at the rooms so that we can get to know some of the new families and welcome them to the Bridge.




2014 - Our Centenary Year

Interested in or knowlegable of the club's history?  
To kick it off we would like to update our records, firstly by looking back at our Life Members. We need photos, stories, achievements - an insight as to why they are a special part of our history. So if you know one of our 50+ life members, or in fact are one drop us a line, send us a photo, let everyone celebrate what our Life Members have given to this great club. 
We are looking for even more people interested in joining our centenary year planning committee. Contact Matt Knight 0414 401 545 or Couta 0418 542 736 and lend a hand, share a tall tale, true story, items of interest or photos for display either loaned or donated are eagerly sought.


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2014 Division 2 Seniors
1 North Heidelberg 8
2 Lalor 8
3 Mernda 4
4 Epping 4
5 Hurstbridge 4
6 Fitzroy Stars 4
7 Diamond Creek 0
8 Panton Hill 0

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Thurs night meals $15

Thur 24th April - Mr Rooster Qtr Roast Chicken & veg

Thur 3rd May - Lasagne, chips n salad

Rnd 3 - Sat April 26th

Seniors 5.15pm & Reserves 2.45pm

Hurstbridge vs Panton Hill


U19's 12.30pm

Hurstbridge vs Panton Hill



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