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Western Suburbs      


Western Suburbs is one of the oldest clubs in Wellington. It was formed in 1906 as Mental Hospital F.C. as a recreational outlet for the staff of Porirua Mental Hospital. Mental Hospital F.C. changed its name to Western Suburbs in 1955.The present club is the product of two major amalgamations in the last 15 years – Porirua United (formerly Western Suburbs) and Viard in 1984, and Porirua Viard United and Mana United in 1991.


Clubrooms:                        Endeavour Park, Whitby - 234 8611  


Secretary:                           Nigel Hillier  

Email Women:          

Postal Seniors:                  PO Box 50 009, Porirua 5240  

Website Juniors:    

Email Juniors:            

Postal Juniors:                  PO Box 58 068 Porirua 5240  


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Men’s Contact:                     Nigel Hillier         235 6555               478 0342               029 485 7944

Women's Contact:                Nigel Hillier         235 6555               478 0342               029 485 7944

Juniors Contact:                   Carol Hope          233 1889               234 8611  

Director of Football:        

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First Choice Strip:                 Red                       Black                    White  

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