Notice Board

BHNC welcomes all new and existing members to the 2016 Season. All Players must register and pay Club Fees online prior to commencing a new season.   NB. Club fees now include game fees for the season.(Please make sure you tick the player box to open up the options).  

Final chance to pay fees on-line for Junior Summer Competition 2015-2016


NB. ALL REGISTRATIONS FOR THE 2016 SENIOR SEASON WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM 27th January.  Please  - click on the link below:- 

NB. All Fees MUST be paid prior to player taking the court in first round (Refer Club Fees Policy on the BHNC TAB). 

VNA payments are made seperately via the following link (please complete as 'First Time Participant' to get ID & Password) or please refer to VNA TAB for further info.