Teams in General Club

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Blaze  (Male B 14 W)

Blitz  (Female A 14 W)

Cavalliers  (Male B 14 W)

Civic Avengers  (Female A 14 W)

Civic Mad Kids  (Female B 14 W)

Eagles Gold  (Female B 14 W)

Eagles Navy  (Male B 14 W)

Heat  (Male A 14 W)

Honeybadgers  (Male B 14 W)

Knights  (Male B 14 W)

Kutloose  (Male A 14 W)

Left Overs  (Female A 14 W)

Lob City  (Male B 14 W)

Longshots  (Male A 14 W)

LPB  (Female B 14 W)

LPB White  (Male B 14 W)

Monstars  (Male A 14 W)

PH  (Male B 14 W)

Raptors  (Male A 14 W)

Redbacks  (Female B 14 W)

Snap  (Female A 14 W)

The Hoyas  (Male B 14 W)

The Spartans  (Male B 14 W)

Thunder  (Male B 14 W)

YM  ( U18B W14)