Teams in General Club

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Banksia Beach Bisons  (CSC Under 14 Boys)

Big Fish  (CSC Men's B)

Blaze  (CSC Men's C)

Blitz  (CSC Ladies A)

Bullets  (CSC Under 18 Boys)

Bullets  (CSC Under16 Boys)

Cougars  (CSC Ladies A)

Dunk  (CSC Men's C)

Eagles  (CSC Men's B)

Eagles Gold  (CSC Ladies B)

Eagles Navy  (CSC Men's C)

Hoyas  (CSC Men's B)

Knights  (CSC Men's C)

Kutloose  (CSC Men's A)

Left Overs  (CSC Ladies A)

Lob City  (CSC Men's B)

Long Shots  (CSC Men's A)

LPB  (CSC Ladies B)

Magic  (CSC Under 14 Boys)

Monstars  (CSC Men's A)

Not sure  (CSC Men's A)

Onamission  (CSC Men's C)

Phantoms  (CSC Under 21 Girls)

Pink Panthers  (CSC Ladies B)

Raptors  (CSC Men's A)

Redbacks  (CSC Ladies B)

Steak Sauce  (CSC Men's A)

Suns  (CSC Under 18 Boys)

Swag City  (CSC Men's B)

The Aiya's  (CSC Men's C)

The Spartans  (CSC Men's B)

Thunder  (CSC Men's C)

Wii Not Fit  (CSC Ladies B)