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Grade: Weight Allowance
U/6 Restricted 25 Kgs
U/7 Restricted 30 Kgs
U/8 Restricted 35 Kgs
U/9 Restricted 40 Kgs
U/10-11 Restricted 47 Kgs
U/12-13 Restricted 60 Kgs
U/14-15 Restricted 70 Kgs
U/16-17 Restricted 80 Kgs
Colts Restricted 85 Kgs
Open Age Restricted 85 Kgs

New Grades

In addition, 2013 will also see the leagues Regional Representative Programme expand with the 14-15 and 16-17 Restricted Grades.
Restricted football is an important area of development for the game and players will also now have specific representative opportunities within there own grades and weights.
In 2014 it is proposed to expand this further U/12-13 and Colts Restricted grades.