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It's a Christmas Party - Tyntynder Style!

Michael Crowe takes on "top job"

The Wrap from the 2015 CMFNL Grand fFnal 

Life Membership for Sharon Denham

2015 - AFL Quality Club Silver Accreditation

Solar - Toward Sustainability At Tyntynder

Tyntynder FNC  Finalist - 2014 VicHealth Awards

 "Tyntynder - A Western Bulldogs Affiliated Club"

" 2013 Finalist Victorian Community Club of The Year" 

"Runner Up 2013 National Good Sports Awards"

 2013 Victorian Good Sports Club Of the Year

 AFL Victoria 2013 Inaugural  Club Excellence Award


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Tyntynder Football Netball Club Vision

 "To identify as a progressive community sporting club providing a fun, safe, competitive and welcoming family environment for all supporters, members and players"  - With thanks to Vic Health Healthy Sporting Environments - "Giving Your Clubs the Edge"  

*Currently 200 plus members receive communication directly from the club  - please forward an email directly to tyntynderfc@bigpond.com.au with the request that your email address be added to the list.   TFNC Expats / former players and / or members are welcome to request their details be included on this list. 

*TFNC members are welcome to apply to our "facebook administrator" to join our "TFNC Facebook" page.

*Photographs may be taken at training/on match day and at social events and may be displayed in TFNC newsletters, on the TFNC Website and on the TFNC Facebook Site.  Parents / Guardians please inform the photographer, a Committee Member or your child's Team Manager if you don’t wish to be photographed / have your child photographed.  Junior Team photos will be taken during the season.


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2015 CMFNL Reserves Football Premiers

Stephen Pearce - Best On Ground CMFNL Reserves 

2015 CMFNL B Grade Netball Premiers

Jenny Kelly Best on Court  - CMFNL B Grade 

2015 CMFNL U17 CMFNL Netball Premiers

Kelsey Rowe Best On Court  - CMFNL U17

2015 CMFNL U13 Netball Premiers

Lily Stacey Best On Court - CMFNL U13

Mark Corrie - 2015 CMFNL Reserves Best & Fairest

Tess Denham -Winner CMFNL U19 Netball Distinction Award

Kelsey Rowe - CMFNL U17 Netball Runner Up

Kelsey Rowe - 2015 Blue Ribbon Spirit of Netball Winner

Nicole Featherby  - CMFNL 2015 Badged Umpire of the Year

Sharon Denham -  Recognition C Grade Umpire Badge

Maddison White  - CMFNL U13 Best & Fairest (Joint)

Sharon Denham - TFNC Life Membership 

Anthony "Max" Carroll -Rust Family Shield (Best Club Person)

David Andrivon - TFNC Senior Football Best & Fairest

Luke Jones - TFNC Senior Football Runner Up B&F

Marcus Wattie - TFNC Senior Football Most Improved

Kayle Kirby - TFNC Senior Football Best Utility

Jack Beaton - TFNC Senior Most Courageous

Adam Thomson - TFNC Senior Football Most Determined

Glenn Gascoyne - TFNC Senior Football Leading Goal Kicker

Luke Jones - TFNC Senior Football Best Defender

Elliot Broad - TFNC Senior Football Coaches Award

Kayle Kirby - TFNC CMFNL Rookie of the Year Nominee

Mark Corrie - TFNC Reserves Best & Fairest

Andrew "Ardy" Merrett TFNC Reserves Runner Up B&F

Bradley Gilbert - TFNC Reserves Most Improved

Cas Mitchell - TFNC Reserves Most Courageous

Andrew Merrett - TFNC Reserves Most Determined

Danny White - TFNC Reserves Coaches Award

Stephen Pearce - TFNC Arthur King Memorial

Paul Strugnell - Stuart King Award

Jack Woodward - TFNC Colts Best & Fairest

Jack Hickmott - TFNC Runner Up B&F

Bryce Benfiled - TFNC Colts Most improved

Lachlan Howe - TFNC Colts Most Consistent

Adam Hendy  - TFNC Colts Most Determined

Jesse Edward - TFNC Colts Leading Goal Kicker

Connor Gibbins - TFNC Colts Coaches Award

Tess Denham - 19 & Under Netball Distiction  Nominee / Peggy Worner Memorial Award

Elvie Kelly-Britten - TFNC A Grade Best & Fairest

Kate Morrison - A Grade Runner Up B&F

Krist Kelly - TFNC A Grade Coaches Award

Samantha Cartwright - TFNC A Res Best & Fairest

Kate Corrie - TFNC A Res Runner Up B&F

Milly Op't Hoog - TFNC A Res Coaches Award

Jenny Kelly - TFNC B Grade Best & Fairest 

Sharon Denham - TFNC B Grade Runner Up B&F

Shelley Clarke - TFNC B Grade coaches Award

Jade Featherby - TFNC B Res Best & Fairest

Kathryn Napier - TFNC B Res Runner Up B&F

Georgia Bibby - TFNC B Res coaches Award

Kelsey Rowe - U17 TFNC Best & Fairest

Zoe Spence Benfield - U17 TFNC Runner Up B&F

Natalie White - U17 Coaches Award

Kristy Kelly - TFNC Good Sports Award

Barry Benfield - TFNC Good Sports Award

Taylah Woodward - U15 Best & Fairest

Olivia King - U15 Netball Runner Up B&F

Holly Triplett - U15 Netball Coahes Award

Mary Gabriel - U15 Res Netball Best & Fairest

Greta Ryan - U15 Res Netball Runner Up B&F

Elly Devereux - U15 Res Netball Coaches Award

Maddison White - U13 Netball  Best & Fairest

Lily Stacey - U13 Netball Runner Up B&F

Eve Crowe - U13 Netball Coaches Award

Mia Hawkins - U13 Netball Res Best & Fairest

Tarni Anderson - U13 Netball Res Runner Up B&F 

Jemma Pryor - U13 Netball Most Consistent

Maddie Nelson - U13 Res Netball  Most Improved

James Sala - U16 Football Best & Fairest

Patrick Crowe - U16 Football Runner Up Best & Fairest

Jayden Haeusler - U16 Most Improved

Luke McKay - U16 Most Consistent

Alex Smith Ralph - U16 Most Versatile

Jacob Bull - U16 Most Determined

Hugh Broad - U16 Coaches Award

Angus Op't Hoog - U16 Leading goal Kicker

Billy Schifferle - U14 Football Best & Fairest

Isaiah Bull - U14 Football Runner Up Best & Fairest

Danel Hughes  - U14 Most Consistent

Will Nelson - U14 Most Versatile

Nelson Mensforth - U14 Most Improved

Kade Benfield - U14 Most Determined

Josh Brasser - U14 Coaches Award

Joel Hawkins - CMFNL U14 Encouragement Award

Nicole Hawkins - 2015 Good Sports Award

Veronica Ralph - 2015 Good Sports Award

Roger Schifferle - 2015 Good Sports Award

Damian Ryan - 2015 Good Sports Award 

Matt Edwards - 2015 Good Sports Award

Maddison White - CMFNL U13 Netball Best & Fairest (Joint)

Kelsey Rowe - Blue Ribbon Spirit of Netball Award

Kayle Kirby  - TFNC Rookie of the Year Nominee

Kayle Kirby - Best On Ground medal 2015 CMFNL Vietnam Veteran's Round 

James Sala - 2015 U15 School Boys Team

Alex Smith Ralph - 2015 U15 School Boys Team

Jack Woodward - Blue Ribbon Spirit of Football Award

Kayle Kirby  -  Bendigo Pioneers Squad

Sharon Denham - C Grade Umpirng Badge

Kelvin "Licky" Worner - TFNC 2015 No: 1 Ticket Holder

Jack Hickmott - Blue Ribbon Spirit Of Football Award

Tim Triplett - AFL Vic Coaching Coordinator Accreditation

Vic Health - Healthy Sporting Environment (HSE) Course

Nicole Featheby -  CMFNL Interleague Netball Umpire

Max Carroll - Coach U18 CMFNL Interlague Team

Marcus Wattie - U18 CMFNL Interlague Team

Lachlan Carroll - U18 CMFNL Interlague Team

Tom Sala - U18 CMFNL Interlague Team

Kayle Kirby - U18 CMFNL Interlague Team

Tony Mazzarella -  Coach U16 CMFNL Interleague Team

Hugh Broad - U16 CMFNL Interlague Team

Josh Hendy  - U16 CMFNL Interlague Team

Angus Op't Hoog - U16 CMFNL Interlague Team

Jacob Bull - U16 CMFNL Interleague Team

Elvie Kelly Btitten -  17&U CMFNL Interleague Netball Team

Kelsey Rowe - 17&U CMFNL Interleague Netball Team

Zoe Spence-Benfield - 17&U CMFNL Interleague Netball Team

Sharon Denham - 15&U CMFNL Interleague Netball Coach

Olivia King - 15&U CMFNL Interleague Netball Team

Laura Anderson - 15&U CMFNL Interleague Netball Team

Tess Denham - 13&U CMFNL Interleague Netball Coach

Madison Curran - CMFNL 13& U Interleague NetballTeam

Maddison White- CMFNL 13&U Interleague NetballTeam

Bridgette King -CMFNL 13&U Interleague NetballTeam

Lily Stacey -  CMFNL 13&U Interleague NetballTeam

Billy Schifferle - CMFNL U14 Interleague Team

Zoe Spence Benfield - Blue Ribbon Spirit Of Netball Award

James Sala - Central Murray U15 V Line Cup Squad

Alex Smith Ralph - Central Murray U15 V Line Cup Squad

 AFL Quality Club - Silver Accreditation