Players Auction


On Saturday 26 April at about 8:00pm we will be conducting our annual Player Auction at which you can buy a group of players in exchange for the opportunity to win money at the end of the year when we add up their best player points.


Players will be auctioned off in Groups with a mix of “A”, Reserve and Senior Colts Players.


Buyers are bidding for a payout based on the total of the Best Player votes for the players in their Group at the end of the Season.


Half the total income from sales goes directly to the Willunga Football Club and the other half becomes the prize pool for payouts.

You can find the player group listngs in the Event Calendar 



 We have managed to secure the services of Bernie and his staff from

"Allsorts Catering and Spit Hire"

The new team will be serving reasonably priced and excellent quality meals Thursday and Saturday during the footy season.

We hope you will enjoy the new menu .

Without your patronage our catering will not be succesful




Willunga Football Club is seeking trainers or people who would like to become trainers.

All training costs covered by the club

Come and join us and be part of the best Football Club in SA.

For info call Neil on 0404 468306 or enquire and apply to gloots@bigpond.com

Help us to get the next bunch of Willunga Champions onto the field.




If you can imagine it you can achieve it. If you can dream it you can become it.

Don’t be willing just to walk the easy path, walk the hard path, and be special.






Our goal is to keep our members and friends informed about the Clubs activities, events and history.

We are a proud family oriented club and Willunga Football Club is recognised by the South Australian National Football League as being the second oldest continuously running football club in South Australia.

The family connections that are revealed in our history are testament to the family orientation of the club.

We are an accredited Good Sports Club, which means that we are committed to reducing alcohol and other drugs problems, increasing the viability of sporting clubs and improving the range of sports options available in the community.

All of our sponsors are listed and there are links to their sites. There are lots of other footy links on the Web so why not explore them as well.

Please feel free to offer suggestions through email via the contacts page or go direct to one of the committee members if you wish. If you can contribute anything to our history we would love to hear from you because we really want to capture the past of our Great club.

Go Demons! Enjoy our site.


"Demons Song"

We may not be the greatest team our club has fielded on the scene,

But we are members of the greatest club there’s been.

We play the game the way we should,

Hard and tough.

We never dream of giving out the dirty stuff

But no one gives the Red and Whites the rub

We are Willunga Football Club

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 Willunga Football Club has a new Sponsor and a Travel Club which gives members the facility to book all travel needs on line. The Willunga Football Club benefits by receiving a percentage of the sale. So check out the prices and be amazed at what you can save by using B2C-Experts