Teams in Northern Juniors AFC

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Northern 6th Black(First Kicks 6th Grade)

Northern 6th White(First Kicks 6th Grade)

Northern 7th Black(Fun Football 7th Grade)

Northern 7th White(Fun Football 7th Grade)

Northern 8th Black(Fun Football 8th Grade)

Northern Black(Youth 15+ Grade - Div 2)

Northern Black(11th Grade - Div 1)

Northern Black(Mini Football 10th Grade B)

Northern Black(12th Grade - Div 1)

Northern Black(13th Grade - Div 1)

Northern Black(14th Grade - Div 1)

Northern Black(Mini Football 9th Grade)

Northern Blue(Fun Football 8th Grade)

Northern Lights(11th Grade - Div 2)

Northern White(12th Grade - Div 1)

Northern White(Fun Football 8th Grade)

Northern White(Mini Football 10th Grade B)

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