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The current North Clare Football Club was reformed in 1960 from the Clare Football Club which itself was a combination of the former North & South Football Clubs.

The township was divided into two with a boundary.  North Clare "territory" was a one mile radius from the Town Hall with an east/west boundary line through Mill, Gillen & Gleeson Streets.  The area outside of this radius was 'open' territory- this is a unique way of deciding a young mans playing future. Club colours were red and yellow in a saddle design.  The North Clare Football Club has been lauched on it's road to becoming the strong and successful club it is today.

Over the years different guernsey designs have been worn but in 1998 the club made the radical decision to adopt the tri colours of the Adelaide Football Club.

The club boasts many premierships and mail medal winners however season 1981 stands out as the biggest highlight in the clubs proud history.  In that year the club won the premiership in all four grades of the North Eastern Football league.  A feat that no other NEFL club has achieved.

North Clare is very much a family club and welcomes new families to the district to become members of the "Mighty Roosters"




Frank Armfield                  Ph: 8843 0013   Mobile: 0417 871 754 
Craig Stanbridge (Ass Coach)    
Mark Sims                         Ph: 8842 1341   Mobile:0409 284 970  
UNDER 17'S     
Michael Harrold                Ph: 8842 2452   Mobile: 0428 861 451 
UNDER 14'S  
Darren (Pops) Pretlove    Ph: 8842 1701   Mobile:0418 899 249 
Tom Hawker                     Ph: 8842 2647    Mobile: 0412 293 001
Matt Paulett                     Ph: 8843 4012    Mobile: 0418 897 752