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Central Whyalla(WFL Under 14's )

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Central Whyalla(WJFL Under 12's)

Central Whyalla(WFL Reserves )

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Central Whyalla(WJFL Under 10's)

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To All Previous Vice Presidents
Our great club is currently off to a good start to the year both on and off the field. To continue to achieve this, support is needed. If you are interested in supporting our club by joining again, can you please act on this, the early I have numbers the easier it is to organise.All members are encouraged to invite any interested parties to join which is as simple as forwarding the newsletter to them. Building our network can not be left as a one man job.
We welcome and encourage anyone who is interested in joining this supporters group, forms are attached or to contact me via email at or phone 0402341413.

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