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#Rekt  (S14/15 Wed Men E)

A-team  (S14/15 Tue Women C)

A7X  (S14/15 Wed Men F)

Air Ballerz  (S14/15 Wed Men G)

Alkos  (S14/15 Thu Men E)

All Sorts  (S14/15 Wed Men E)

All Stars  (S14/15 Thu Men C1)

Amart Rebelz  (S14/15 Mon Men F)

AVO  (S14/15 Thu Men A)

B-Sharps  (S14/15 Mon Men E1)

Bad Company  (S14/15 Wed Men F)

Bada Bing-Mon  (S14/15 Mon Men C)

Ballaholics  (S14/15 Mon Men F1)

Balls Up  (S14/15 Mon Women D)

Bangkots  (S14/15 Mon Men E1)

Barry Plant Bears  (S14/15 Thu Men D1)

Beaconsfield Bulldogs  (S14/15 Sat U12 Boys B)

Benchwarmers  (S14/15 Mon Men C1)

Berwick Bulldogs  (S14/15 Wed Men A/B)

Berwick Bulls  (S14/15 Thu Men E)

Berwick Flames  (S14/15 Mon Men F1)

Black Devils  (S14/15 Tue Women C)

Previously Associated Competitions

Black Devils  (S14/15 Tue Women D)

Black Label  (S14/15 Thu Men D1)

Blazers  (S14/15 Mon Men A)

Blazin  (S14/15 Thu Men D1)

Blue Stars Mon-W  (S14/15 Mon Women D)

Bluebells-Tues  (S14/15 Tue Women A/B)

Bobcats  (S14/15 Mon Men E1)

Boston Hot Pockets  (S14/15 Wed Men G1)

Brew Crew  (S14/15 Mon Men D)

Broken  (S14/15 Thu Men C1)

Bulldogs  (S14/15 Wed Men G1)

Casey Gators  (S14/15 Sat U14 Boys E)

Cash Money  (S14/15 Mon Men C1)

Catty  (S14/15 Mon Women D)

CBF  (S14/15 Wed Men D1)

Ceebs  (S14/15 Wed Men G1)

Chiefs  (S14/15 Mon Men D)

Chili Keys  (S14/15 Wed Men G)

CLIQUE  (S14/15 Wed Men D1)

Previously Associated Competitions

CLIQUE  (S14/15 Mon Men D1)

Coast 2 Coast  (S14/15 Thu Men C)

Cookies 'n' Kareem  (S14/15 Mon Men E1)

Cotton Candy  (S14/15 Tue Women E)

Court Kingz-Mon  (S14/15 Mon Men E1)

Crewsaderz-Thurs  (S14/15 Thu Men C1)

CTA Skunks  (S14/15 Mon Men E)

Previously Associated Competitions

CTA Skunks  (S14/15 Mon Men E1)

Damage Inc  (S14/15 Mon Men C1)

Dark Knights  (S14/15 Thu Men E)

Dirty Filthy Rainbows  (S14/15 Mon Women A/B)

Dragons-Wed  (S14/15 Wed Men D)

Dream Team  (S14/15 Mon Men C1)

Dream Team(Thurs)  (S14/15 Thu Men E1)

Dream Team-Mon-C  (S14/15 Mon Men C)

Drift  (S14/15 Wed Men A/B)

Drillerz  (S14/15 Thu Men E)

E.H.Nubs  (S14/15 Wed Men F)

Edge  (S14/15 Wed Men G)

EDK  (S14/15 Wed Men E1)

Emerson  (S14/15 Mon Men F1)

Fat Frogs  (S14/15 Mon Men C)

Feanos  (S14/15 Mon Men A)

Figjam Sonics  (S14/15 Thu Men A)

Five and a Half Men  (S14/15 Thu Men E1)

FLASHH  (S14/15 Wed Men E1)

Flint Tropics  (S14/15 Wed Men F)

Forfit  (S14/15 Mon Women A/B)

Franchise 2  (S14/15 Wed Men C)

Franchise(Thurs)  (S14/15 Thu Men C1)

FUNK.U  (S14/15 Wed Men G1)

G.O.A.T  (S14/15 Mon Men F1)

Goal Diggers  (S14/15 Mon Women D)

Green Berets  (S14/15 Mon Men F1)

Gwapos  (S14/15 Mon Men E1)

Hackers  (S14/15 Wed Men E1)

Hafele Magic  (S14/15 Wed Men D1)

Hakuna Matata  (S14/15 Tue Women C)

Hawks  (S14/15 Mon Men C)

HC Old Boys  (S14/15 Mon Men E)

Healthguard  (S14/15 Tue Women C)

Hill Billys  (S14/15 Thu Men D1)

Home Wreckers(Wed)  (S14/15 Mon Men D1)

Previously Associated Competitions

Home Wreckers(Wed)  (S14/15 Wed Men E)

Hoops I did it again  (S14/15 Mon Women C)

Hornets  (S14/15 Mon Men E)

Hyenas  (S14/15 Wed Men E1)

Island Heat  (S14/15 Mon Men D1)

Jackaroos  (S14/15 Tue Women A/B)

Jackhammers  (S14/15 Thu Men A)

Jems  (S14/15 Tue Women E)

Jive Turkeys  (S14/15 Thu Men C)

JUST DU IT   (S14/15 Thu Men C)

Justice League  (S14/15 Tue Women E)

Kaos  (S14/15 Mon Women C)

Kicks  (S14/15 Mon Men F)

Knights-Thurs  (S14/15 Thu Men C)

Lakers  (S14/15 Sat U12 Boys B)

Legacy  (S14/15 Thu Men C1)

Leprechauns  (S14/15 Wed Men G)

Liberty's Finest  (S14/15 Wed Men E)

Linde (Ensign)  (S14/15 Thu Men A)

Lower the Rim  (S14/15 Thu Men C1)

Lysterfield Wolves  (S14/15 Sat U14 Boys C)

Mad As  (S14/15 Mon Women D)

Mavs  (S14/15 Thu Men C)

Previously Associated Competitions

Mavs  (S14/15 Thu Men C1)

Monarchs  (S14/15 Wed Men E1)

Monash Old Ladies  (S14/15 Tue Women C)

Most Wanted  (S14/15 Wed Men A/B)

Previously Associated Competitions

Most Wanted  (S14/15 Mon Men A)

Muthadunkrz  (S14/15 Tue Women E)

N.W.A.  (S14/15 Wed Men E1)

Narre Spectres  (S14/15 Mon Men D1)

Notorious  (S14/15 Wed Men G1)

NWA-Tues-Women  (S14/15 Tue Women A/B)

Oilers  (S14/15 Mon Men D)

Outcasts  (S14/15 Thu Men B)

Outlaws  (S14/15 Mon Men C1)

Outlawz(2)  (S14/15 Thu Men B)

Pac Men (Mon)  (S14/15 Mon Men D)

Pac Men 2 (Thur)  (S14/15 Thu Men B)

Previously Associated Competitions

Pac Men 2 (Thur)  (S14/15 Thu Men C)

Panthers  (S14/15 Mon Men D1)

Panthers (A)  (S14/15 Tue Women A/B)

Pom Poms  (S14/15 Mon Women D)

Project E  (S14/15 Mon Men C1)

Pussy cats  (S14/15 Tue Women A/B)

Quantum Leap  (S14/15 Mon Men F1)

RAD  (S14/15 Mon Men A)

Raging Bulls  (S14/15 Thu Men A)

Raptors  (S14/15 Wed Men G1)

Ravens  (S14/15 Mon Men F)

Razors  (S14/15 Mon Men F1)

Ready to RUMBALL  (S14/15 Wed Men G1)

Rebels  (S14/15 Mon Men C)

Red Devils  (S14/15 Tue Women A/B)

Roc Boys  (S14/15 Thu Men A)

Rockets  (S14/15 Mon Men D1)

Rockettes  (S14/15 Tue Women D)

Royalz  (S14/15 Mon Women A/B)

Salt n Peppa  (S14/15 Wed Men E1)

Sasquatch  (S14/15 Wed Men E1)

Seirin  (S14/15 Mon Men B)

Shaq Attack  (S14/15 Tue Women D)

Previously Associated Competitions

Shaq Attack  (S14/15 Tue Women E)

Shooting Stars  (S14/15 Tue Women A/B)

Previously Associated Competitions

Shooting Stars  (S14/15 Tue Women D)

Sixers  (S14/15 Mon Men E)

Slam City  (S14/15 Wed Men G)

Slammerz  (S14/15 Mon Women C)

Smangin (A)  (S14/15 Tue Women A/B)

Smirking Eskimos  (S14/15 Tue Women D)

Previously Associated Competitions

Smirking Eskimos  (S14/15 Tue Women E)

So Cheapppp  (S14/15 Mon Men F1)

South East PNOY  (S14/15 Thu Men E1)

Southern Sloths  (S14/15 Wed Men G1)

Spartans  (S14/15 Mon Men E1)

Splash Bros  (S14/15 Wed Men A/B)

Spurs  (S14/15 Mon Men E)

Storm  (S14/15 Mon Men A)

SUNS  (S14/15 Wed Men G)

Super Pengiuns  (S14/15 Thu Men B)

Supersonics  (S14/15 Thu Men E1)

Swift  (S14/15 Mon Women C)

Swinburne  (S14/15 Thu Men C)

Swish  (S14/15 Thu Men B)

Test  (S14/15 Thu Men D1)

Test  (S14/15 Thu Men D1)

The Amigos  (S14/15 Tue Women C)

The Amigos  (S14/15 Tue Women C)

The Ballers  (S14/15 Thu Men E)

The Dice Rejects  (S14/15 Mon Men D)

The Dolls  (S14/15 Mon Women D)

The Expendables  (S14/15 Mon Men C1)

The House  (S14/15 Thu Men A)

The Laundromats  (S14/15 Mon Men F1)

The Millers  (S14/15 Mon Men C1)

Previously Associated Competitions

The Millers  (S14/15 Thu Men D1)

The Monstarrz  (S14/15 Wed Men G)

The Nodders  (S14/15 Thu Men C)

The Old Grey Men  (S14/15 Mon Men D1)

The Pits  (S14/15 Thu Men C1)

The Ravens (A)  (S14/15 Tue Women A/B)

The Rockets  (S14/15 Mon Men C1)

The Runaways  (S14/15 Mon Men E1)

The Woofers  (S14/15 Mon Men F)

Tigers  (S14/15 Mon Men E)

Top Gun  (S14/15 Mon Men E1)

Truffle Shuffle  (S14/15 Wed Men D)

Tune Squad  (S14/15 Wed Men F)

Twice Convicted  (S14/15 Wed Men D1)

Underdogs(Mon)  (S14/15 Mon Men C1)

Underdogs(Thurs)  (S14/15 Thu Men E)

Valiants  (S14/15 Mon Women D)

Victorious Secrets  (S14/15 Tue Women E)

Village Vikings  (S14/15 Wed Men C)

Wah Chin  (S14/15 Thu Men A)

Wah Chin   (S14/15 Mon Men C)

Wah Chin Cyclones  (S14/15 Tue Women D)

Previously Associated Competitions

Wah Chin Cyclones  (S14/15 Tue Women E)

Wanderers  (S14/15 Mon Men B)

Water Clean  (S14/15 Mon Women A/B)

Waverley Raiders  (S14/15 Tue Women A/B)

Previously Associated Competitions

Waverley Raiders  (S14/15 Tue Women C)

WeBroke  (S14/15 Wed Men F)

Wedge-Tues W  (S14/15 Tue Women C)

Whooshka  (S14/15 Mon Men D1)

Wife Escape  (S14/15 Thu Men C)

Previously Associated Competitions

Wife Escape  (S14/15 Thu Men C1)

Wii not fit  (S14/15 Tue Women D)

Wii not fit  (S14/15 Wed Men G)

Wii not Fit  (S14/15 Tue Women D)

Wildcats (Mon)  (S14/15 Mon Men F)

Wolfpac  (S14/15 Mon Men C1)

Wolverines  (S14/15 Mon Men E)

Womtrotters  (S14/15 Wed Men F)

Written Off  (S14/15 Thu Men C)

Previously Associated Competitions

Written Off  (S14/15 Mon Men C)

YDR  (S14/15 Mon Men D)