Teams in General Club

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1 UP  (W14 Sun Mixed G1)

A-team  (W14 Tue Women D)

Aguilas  (W14 Wed Men F1)

Air Ballerz  (W14 Wed Men G1)

AKM  (W14 Mon Men C2)

Alkos  (W14 Thu Men E1)

Allstarz  (W14 Sun O/35 Men)

AVO  (W14 Thu Men A)

B-Sharps  (W14 Mon Men E1)

Bad Company  (W14 Wed Men F2)

Bada Bing-Mon  (W14 Mon Men C1)

Ballers  (W14 Wed Men E2)

Ballerz  (W14 Wed Men C1)

Balls Deep  (W14 Wed Men D2)

Balls Up  (W14 Mon Women E)

Balls Up  (W14 Tue Women D)

Bangkots  (W14 Mon Men E2)

Benchwarmers  (W14 Mon Men C1)

Berwick Flames  (W14 Mon Men F2)

Black Devils  (W14 Tue Women D)

Black Label  (W14 Thu Men D2)

Black Mambas  (W14 Sun Mixed E)

Black Mambas  (W14 Tue Women C)

Blades  (W14 Sun Mixed E)

Blaze  (W14 Mon Men F1)

Blazers  (W14 Mon Men B1)

Blazin  (W14 Thu Men D2)

Blue Chips  (W14 Thu Men D1)

Blue Stars  (W14 Wed Men D2)

Blue Stars Mon-W  (W14 Mon Women E)

Bluebells  (W14 Tue Women B)

BlueBells  (W14 Mon Women D)

Bobcats  (W14 Mon Men E1)

Boomshakalaka  (W14 Sun Mixed G2)

Braves  (W14 Wed Men B1)

Broken  (W14 Thu Men C2)

Bruins  (W14 Mon Men E2)

Bulldogs  (W14 Wed Men F2)

Capcom  (W14 Sun Mixed G2)

Cash Money  (W14 Mon Men C1)

Catty  (W14 Mon Women E)

CBF  (W14 Wed Men D2)

Cereal Killers  (W14 Sun Mixed F)

Chaos Allstars  (W14 Tue Women C)

Chargers  (W14 Mon Men E2)

Cheetahs  (W14 Sun Mixed G1)

Chiefs  (W14 Mon Men D1)

Chili Keys  (W14 Wed Men F2)

City  (W14 Wed Men D1)

CLIQUE  (W14 Mon Men D2)

Copacetic  (W14 Wed Men D1)

Cotton Candy  (W14 Tue Women E)

Court Kingz-Wed  (W14 Wed Men E1)

Previously Associated Competitions

Court Kingz-Wed  (W14 Wed Men F2)

Crewsaderz  (W14 Wed Men G2)

Crewsaderz-Mon  (W14 Mon Men E1)

CTA Skunks  (W14 Mon Men E1)

Da Boyz  (W14 Wed Men D2)

Damage Inc  (W14 Mon Men C2)

Dandy Nuggets  (W14 Sun Mixed C)

Dark Knights  (W14 Thu Men D2)

Darwin Donkeys  (W14 Wed Men G1)

Day One  (W14 Wed Men G2)

Deadset Losers  (W14 Wed Men E2)

Delicious  (W14 Wed Men F1)

Demons  (W14 Wed Men D2)

Devlins 2.5  (W14 Sun Mixed G2)

Dragons-Mon  (W14 Mon Men D2)

Dragons-Wed  (W14 Wed Men C1)

Dream Team-Wed  (W14 Wed Men B1)

Previously Associated Competitions

Dream Team-Wed  (W14 Wed Men B2)

Drift  (W14 Wed Men B1)

Duplex  (W14 Thu Men C2)

E Bees  (W14 Sun O/35 Men)

E.H.NUBS  (W14 Wed Men F1)

E.H.Nubs  (W14 Mon Men F1)

East Ballers  (W14 Wed Men G2)

EDK  (W14 Thu Men E2)

El Machos  (W14 Sun Mixed G2)

Emerson  (W14 Mon Men F2)

Exclusive  (W14 Wed Men D1)

Exe Crew  (W14 Wed Men G1)

F.T.B  (W14 Wed Men G2)

Falcons  (W14 Mon Men F2)

Fantech Fury  (W14 Thu Men E2)

Feanos  (W14 Mon Men B)

Fearless  (W14 Sun Mixed G2)

Figjam Sonics  (W14 Thu Men A)

Firebirds  (W14 Sun Mixed C)

FLASHH  (W14 Wed Men E1)

Flight  (W14 Wed Men G2)

Flint Tropics  (W14 Wed Men F1)

Flying Camels  (W14 Mon Men F1)

Flying Tigers  (W14 Sun Mixed F)

Forfit  (W14 Mon Women D)

Foul City  (W14 Wed Men F1)

Franchise  (W14 Mon Men B1)

Franchise  (W14 Thu Men C1)

Previously Associated Competitions

Franchise  (W14 Thu Men C2)

Freeballers  (W14 Tue Women E)

Friends  (W14 Sun Mixed G1)

FUNK.U  (W14 Wed Men G2)

G.O.A.T  (W14 Mon Men F2)

Green Berets  (W14 Mon Men F1)

Griffins  (W14 Wed Men G2)

Gwapos  (W14 Mon Men F1)

Hackers  (W14 Wed Men E1)

Hacky-Shaq  (W14 Sun Mixed F)

Hampton Park Gators  (W14 Sat U14 Boys C1)

HC Old Boys  (W14 Mon Men E1)

Healthguard  (W14 Tue Women C)

HFL  (W14 Sun Mixed F)

High Flyers  (W14 Sat U16 Boys B)

Home Wreckers  (W14 Mon Men C1)

Home wreckers  (W14 Wed Men D1)

Honey Badgers  (W14 Mon Men F2)

Hornets  (W14 Wed Men D1)

Hornets B16  (W14 Sun U18 Boys C)

Hungry Hippos  (W14 Tue Women C)

Huskies  (W14 Wed Men G2)

Hyenas  (W14 Mon Men F1)

Previously Associated Competitions

Hyenas  (W14 Wed Men E1)

Hype  (W14 Sun Mixed G1)

Ignite  (W14 Sat U16 Boys E)

Previously Associated Competitions

Ignite  (W14 Sat U16 Girls D)

IGOTDIS  (W14 Wed Men E2)

Island Heat  (W14 Mon Men D2)

Jackaroos  (W14 Tue Women B)

JellyPop  (W14 Tue Women D)

Jokers  (W14 Wed Men E2)

Justice League  (W14 Thu Men D2)

Juvi-Crew  (W14 Mon Men C1)

Kaos  (W14 Mon Women C)

Kicks  (W14 Mon Men F1)

Killing Time  (W14 Wed Men C1)

Klean Sweep  (W14 Thu Men E2)

Knights-Mon  (W14 Mon Men D2)

Knights-Thurs  (W14 Thu Men B2)

Kool Bananaz  (W14 Sun Mixed G1)

Lakers  (W14 Sat U12 Boys A)

Lakers  (W14 Tue U10 Boys Green)

Leprechauns  (W14 Wed Men G1)

Lions  (W14 Mon Men D1)

Lower the Rim  (W14 Thu Men E2)

Lysterfield Wolves  (W14 Sat U14 Boys C1)

Mad As  (W14 Mon Women E)

Maniacs  (W14 Sun O/35 Men)

Mapali  (W14 Sun Mixed D)

Maramba nets  (W14 Wed Men E1)

Mavericks-Wed  (W14 Wed Men F2)

Mavs  (W14 Thu Men C1)

Md Warriors  (W14 Wed Men F2)

Mercury  (W14 Sun Mixed G1)

Merlottes  (W14 Sun Mixed G1)

Midnight Pandas  (W14 Tue Women E)

Misfits (A)  (W14 Tue Women B)

Mixed Breed  (W14 Sun Mixed F)

Mixed Nuts  (W14 Sun Mixed G1)

Mofo  (W14 Wed Men D1)

MOJE  (W14 Mon Men B)

Monarchs  (W14 Wed Men F1)

Most Wanted  (W14 Wed Men B1)

Muthadunkrz  (W14 Tue Women D)

N.P.C.  (W14 Wed Men B2)

N.W.A.  (W14 Wed Men D2)

Narre Jays  (W14 Sun O/35 Men)

NBN  (W14 Sun Mixed B)

Neva Beenz  (W14 Sun Mixed B)

No Idea  (W14 Wed Men D1)

NWA  (W14 Thu Men E2)

NWA-Tues-Women  (W14 Tue Women C)

Oilers  (W14 Wed Men D1)

Oriental Fury  (W14 Thu Men D1)

Outcasts  (W14 Thu Men B2)

Outlaws  (W14 Wed Men D2)

Outlaws  (W14 Tue Women C)

Outlaws  (W14 Wed Men C1)

OutlawZ  (W14 Thu Men B2)

Outlawz(2)  (W14 Thu Men D1)

Outlawz3  (W14 Thu Men E2)

P-SALAD  (W14 Wed Men D2)

Pac Men (Mon)  (W14 Mon Men E1)

Pacers  (W14 Mon Men D1)

Panama  (W14 Sun Mixed C)

Pandemonium  (W14 Wed Men C1)

Panthers  (W14 Mon Men D2)

Parkhill Panthers  (W14 Sat U16 Boys A)

Passionfruits  (W14 Wed Men F2)

Peanuts  (W14 Sun Mixed F)

Peri Peri  (W14 Wed Men E1)

Pom Poms  (W14 Mon Women E)

Project E  (W14 Mon Men C1)

Puzzles  (W14 Wed Men G2)

Quantum Leap  (W14 Mon Men F1)

RAD  (W14 Mon Men B1)

Radelaide 36ers  (W14 Sun Mixed G2)

Raging Bulls  (W14 Thu Men A)

Raging Rockets  (W14 Mon Women C)

Ravens  (W14 Mon Men F1)

Rebels  (W14 Mon Men D2)

Previously Associated Competitions

Rebels  (W14 Mon Men F2)

Red Devils  (W14 Tue Women A)

Regulators  (W14 Thu Men E1)

Riderz  (W14 Wed Men B1)

Roadhouse  (W14 Wed Men G2)

Roc Boys  (W14 Thu Men A)

Rockets  (W14 Mon Men E1)

Rockettes  (W14 Tue Women C)

ROOK31Z  (W14 Thu Men C1)

Rosewood Renegades  (W14 Sun U18 Boys D1)

Rowtown Rockets  (W14 Tue Women D)

Royalz  (W14 Mon Women C)

Ruff Ryders  (W14 Thu Men E1)

Running Late  (W14 Mon Men D1)

Salt n Peppa  (W14 Wed Men E1)

Saracens  (W14 Mon Men E1)

Sasquatch  (W14 Wed Men E2)

Semi Pro  (W14 Thu Men D2)

Shabooyah  (W14 Tue Women C)

Shabooyah  (W14 Sun Mixed G1)

Shaq Attack  (W14 Tue Women E)

Shooting Stars  (W14 Tue Women D)

Skywalkers  (W14 Wed Men E1)

Slam City  (W14 Wed Men G1)

Slammerz  (W14 Mon Women D)

Slayers  (W14 Thu Men C1)

Smackdizzy  (W14 Mon Men B)

Smirking Eskimo  (W14 Sun Mixed E)

Smirking Eskimos  (W14 Tue Women E)

Smokin Aces  (W14 Sun Mixed D)

Snap Diggity  (W14 Wed Men B1)

Sonics  (W14 Wed Men E2)

South East Stealers  (W14 Sun U20 Men B)

Spacejam  (W14 Wed Men B2)

Spartans  (W14 Mon Men E1)

Splash Bros  (W14 Wed Men B2)

Spurs  (W14 Mon Men E1)

Starks  (W14 Sun Mixed G2)

Storm  (W14 Sun Mixed B)

Strikers  (W14 Thu Men E2)

Super Frogs  (W14 Sun Mixed D)

Swift  (W14 Mon Women C)

Swinburne  (W14 Thu Men C2)

Swish  (W14 Thu Men B2)

Tank Silencers  (W14 Mon Men C2)

TBD  (W14 Sun Mixed G2)

Team Swaggy  (W14 Mon Men D1)

Team Wicked  (W14 Sun Mixed F)

The Amigos  (W14 Tue Women B)

Previously Associated Competitions

The Amigos  (W14 Tue Women C)

The Ballers  (W14 Thu Men E1)

The Beliebers  (W14 Wed Men B2)

The Boldens  (W14 Sat U14 Boys C)

The Dogs  (W14 Thu Men C2)

The Dolls  (W14 Mon Women E)

The Drop Kicks  (W14 Sun Mixed F)

The Fakers  (W14 Thu Men E1)

The House  (W14 Thu Men A)

The Killers  (W14 Thu Men D2)

The Kings  (W14 Wed Men G1)

The Lowballers  (W14 Mon Men F1)

The Millers  (W14 Mon Men D2)

The Naked Man  (W14 Sun Mixed B)

The Pits  (W14 Thu Men C2)

The Possimpible  (W14 Sun Mixed G2)

The Rainmakers  (W14 Mon Women B)

The Ravens  (W14 Tue Women A)

The Rockets  (W14 Mon Men E1)

The Runaways  (W14 Mon Men D2)

The Villianz  (W14 Thu Men E1)

The Wanderers  (W14 Wed Men F1)

The Waterboyz  (W14 Wed Men E1)

THUMBS  (W14 Sun Mixed F)

Tigers  (W14 Mon Men E2)

Top Gun  (W14 Wed Men F1)

Treez  (W14 Mon Men E2)

Previously Associated Competitions

Treez  (W14 Wed Men E2)

Truffle Shuffle  (W14 Mon Men C1)

Previously Associated Competitions

Truffle Shuffle  (W14 Wed Men B2)

Tunes Squad  (W14 Wed Men F2)

Underdogs  (W14 Mon Men C2)

Previously Associated Competitions

Underdogs  (W14 Thu Men D2)

Up and Atom  (W14 Sun Mixed G2)

Upper Beac Maroons  (W14 Sat U14 Boys B)

Urban  (W14 Sun U20 Men A)

Valiants  (W14 Mon Women B)

Vets  (W14 Wed Men C1)

Wah Chin  (W14 Thu Men A)

Wanderers  (W14 Mon Men B)

Water Clean  (W14 Mon Women B)

Waverley Raiders  (W14 Tue Women C)

Whateva  (W14 Tue Women C)

Whatever-M  (W14 Mon Men E2)

White Eagles  (W14 Tue Women E)

Previously Associated Competitions

White Eagles  (W14 Sun U18 Girls B)

White Knights  (W14 Thu Men C2)

White Knights  (W14 Mon Men C1)

Whooshka  (W14 Mon Men D2)

Wife Escape  (W14 Thu Men C2)

Wii not fit  (W14 Tue Women D)

Previously Associated Competitions

Wii not fit  (W14 Sun Mixed D)

Wii not fit  (W14 Wed Men F1)

Wildcats (Mon)  (W14 Mon Men E2)

Wildcats (Wed)  (W14 Wed Men E2)

Wolfpac  (W14 Mon Men C2)

Wolverines  (W14 Mon Men D2)

Wolves  (W14 Thu Men C2)

Womtrotters  (W14 Wed Men G1)

Woodblock  (W14 Wed Men G1)

Previously Associated Competitions

Woodblock  (W14 Wed Men G2)

Written Off  (W14 Thu Men B2)

Youngbloods  (W14 Wed Men E2)