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Summer 6's Draw

Friday 12/02/2016

U9 6pm Field 3A  Storm Troopers v Socceroos Y8 Development Squad
U9 6pm Field 3B Motley Crew v Lil' Thunder
Jnrs 6pm Field 3C Northern Strikers v Barca Boys
Jnrs 6pm Field 3D Vikings v Twinkle Toes
Jnrs 7pm Field 3A Balotellitubbies v Saints Sister
Snrs 7pm Field 3B The Dirty Half Dozen v The Business
Snrs 7pm Field 3C Estates Men v Estates Girls
Jnrs 7pm Field 3D Thunder v Vikings
Snrs 7.45pm Field 3A Fudge Muffins v FFA Allstars
Snrs 7.45pm Field 3B Hold My Beer & Watch This v Rack Em Up

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