Teams in General Club

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Average Joes  (Social Men's Division 2 )

Big V  (D Grade Men)

Brotox  (A Grade Men)

Chicago  (A Grade Men)

Chicago  (B Grade Men)

Da Bulls  (D Grade Men)

Darth Faders  (Social Men's Division 2 )

DickfosDunnAdam Eagles  (ISL The Allstar League Men)

Double Dribble  (Social Men's Division 2 )

Freeballers  (Social Men's Division 2 )

Gorilla Knuckles  (Social Men's Division 2 )

Grillaz  (D Grade Men)

GUGC  (D Grade Men)

GUGC 1  (B Grade Men)

GUGC 3  (C Grade Men)

GUGC M  (A Grade Men)

GUGC W  (A Grade Women)

GUMS  (B Grade Men)

Harvey World  (A Grade Women)

Heat  (D Grade Men)

Heat  (B Grade Men)

Hillcrest Christian College  (ISL The Allstar League Men)

Hornets  (C Grade Men)

Hot Diggity Dogs  (Social Men's Division 2 )

Ignite Education Infernos  (ISL The Allstar League Women)

Inspire  (C Grade Men)

Knicks  (C Grade Men)

LeGassick  (ISL The Allstar League Men)

Lob City  (D Grade Men)

Mavs  (A Grade Men)

Meatballs  (A Grade Men)

Oven Creative  (ISL The Allstar League Men)

Patriots  (A Grade Men)

Regulators  (C Grade Men)

Scouts  (ISL The Allstar League Men)

Shamrocks  (B Grade Men)

Showtime  (Social Men's Division 1)

Silverbacks  (Social Men's Division 1)

Sixers  (Social Men's Division 2 )

Steelers  (A Grade Women)

Tha Pests  (Social Men's Division 1)

The All Star Group  (ISL The Allstar League Women)

The All Star Group  (ISL The Allstar League Men)

The Dudes  (C Grade Men)

The Hornets  (Social Men's Division 2 )

The Swamp  (Social Men's Division 1)

Thunders  (D Grade Men)

Torque Money  (ISL The Allstar League Men)

Tropics  (Social Men's Division 2 )

UNITED  (B Grade Men)

Vergola  (ISL The Allstar League Women)

Warriors  (A Grade Women)

WhateversClever  (Social Men's Division 1)

Wolf Pack  (B Grade Men)

Wolves  (B Grade Men)

Zarraffas Ferry Road Drive Thru  (ISL The Allstar League Women)

Zarraffas Ferry Road Drive Thru  (ISL The Allstar League Men)