This Weeks Games 30/08/2015


Executive Commitee Applications

Below is the Application form for the executive committee for 2015.

The form needs to be submitted prior to the AGM 11/11/2014.more

Smoking Bans at Sports Grounds

No smoking in spectator areas at public sports grounds.more

Coaching Resources

Check out the coaching Resources tab for books on skills, drills and fitnessmore

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Match Reports

Please email match reports to menairoosters@hotmail.com by the following Tuesday night and the website will be updated on Wednesday mornings.more

Wet Weather Training

Everyone should be aware that it is the responisbility of individual teams to determine if the grounds are open or closed. You can do this by contacting the council's wet weather line on 9710 0105. I would suggest that whenever there has been any sort of rain that you call this number at 10am on the morning of your training day to determine ground availablitiy.more
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