Teams in Halswell United

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Halswell United   (Robbies Mainland Premier League)

Halswell United Reserves  (Robbies Men's Reserves)

Halswell Utd 12th A  (Connetics 12th Grade Div 1)

Halswell Utd 12th Comets  (Connetics 12th Grade Div 3)

Halswell Utd Hudsons  (Connetics 9th Grade West)

Halswell Utd Sky Hawks  (Connetics 9th Grade West)

Halswell Utd Spitfires  (Connetics 9th Grade West)

Halswell Utd Strikemasters  (Connetics 9th Grade West)

Halswell Utd Vampires  (Connetics 9th Grade West)

HU 12 Force  (Connetics 12th Grade Div 2)

HU 12 Hawks  (Connetics 12th Grade Div 1)

HU 12 Stars  (Connetics 12th Grade Div 3)

HU 1964's  (Robbies Men's Div 2)

HU 50's  (Robbies Men's Masters 45C)

Previously Associated Competitions

HU 50's  (Robbies Men's Masters 45B)

HU Bombers   (Robbies Men's Div 5)

HU Dux  (Robbies Men's Masters 45B)

HU FG's  (Robbies Men's Div 3)

HU Green  (Robbies Womens Div 2)

HU Lin Uni  (Robbies Men's Div 6)

HU Old Vicars  (Robbies Men's Masters 45B)

HU Pinkies  (Robbies Masters Div 2)

HU Presidents  (Robbies Men's Pres A)

HU Quarrymen  (Robbies Men's Masters 45A)

HU Wanderers  (Robbies Men's Masters 45A)

HU White  (Robbies Womens Div 1)

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