Welcome to the South Cardiff

 Junior Football Club



See 50 year celebration tab above for more information about the celebration dinner.

Next Meeting: Monday 27th October 2014 @ 6pm at Warners Bay Sports Club

 WANTED: Willing people to assist for the 2015 season and beyond. Contact anyone on the committee for details. AGM will be held in September with many position available.

Due to retirements at the end of the season, the committee requires some executive committee roles to be filled for 2015.


We are a family based club which welcomes players of all ages and abilities.
The club encourages all players to achieve their best and to participate in a positive sporting environment

         The club is located at Jack Neave Oval, Ulinga Park, Cross Street, Cardiff South 2285.


  The club's mobile phone number is 0411399129 and email address is southcardifffootballclub@yahoo.com.au


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 Why do we pay our rego fees

 need more info ring Macquarie 495330800 495330700. 

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