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Click on link and self register as a player and a volunteer (CLICK on this LINK)?  To begin your registration, follow the instructions on "Guide to Player Self-Registration via MyFootballClub" lock in your spot with SMWFC. 

2014 Season

SMWFC  preseason is transitioning into 2014 season fixture. SMWFC would like to thank all the players and parents for their hard work in readiness for the season.  In 2013 season players achieved success at our club setting the bar for most levels, and we think you'd like where we plan to take the teams next. We aim to replicate that success in 2014 and hope you will consider being part of it again.   SMWFC  coaches are both trained and committed to following FFV's coaching models and methods.  Our football goal is to develop those skills to achieve the best that you can at all levels.  Our Junior teams for a portion of each night for the next few weeks are training next to the SMWFC senior and reserve teams, giving those senior coaches a chance to see all player skills.  Its all part of coordinating the club's approach to SMWFC's next big opportunity to be part of the Women's NPL starting in 2015.   
Lock in your spot and be part of a successful womens' only club competing at the highest competition in Victoria WPL preparing for NPL 2015, with a fully developed junior program, catering for elite and community pathways, register your interest for pre-season training. Player Recruitment Form: Click here to fill in the form   


Contact Information

  • Club Email: Contact Football Operations   
  • Chairman & Football Operations Email: smwfc.operations@gmail.com
  • Tel: +61 418 380 297 (Bulent Y., Chairman / FOM)
  • President Email: smwfc@pdg.com.au
  • Tel: +61 0412370414 (Gabrielle G., President)
  • Address: Pit Building 6, Aughtie Dr, Melbourne VIC 3206, Australia
  • Mailing Address:  PO Box 1232, South Melbourne VIC 3205
  • All communication from the club will be via email, on the club web page, social media where relevant and SMS used in emergencies.  All players and parents are required to create an email account and notify football operations team on the following email address: smwfc.operations@gmail.com


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Have you set fitness goals for the upcoming 2014 season?