Teams in Gisborne United

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Farmlands United   (Gisborne Mens Division 2)

Previously Associated Competitions

Farmlands United   (Chris Moore Cup)

Farmlands United   (Gisborne Div 2 League Cup - Pool B)

Farmlands United   (Gisborne Div 2 League Cup Games)

Gisborne United (D3)  (Gisborne Mens Division 3)

Heavy Equipment United  (Mens Federation Cup 2014)

Previously Associated Competitions

Heavy Equipment United  (Gisborne Mens Division 1)

Hortigro United  (Gisborne Womens Division League Cup - Pool A)

Previously Associated Competitions

Hortigro United  (Braybrook Cup)

Hortigro United  (Gisborne Womens Division)

Hortigro United  (Gisborne Womens League Cup Games)