Teams in New Town Eagles Soccer Club

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New Town  (Southern Premier League)

New Town  (Southern Premier League Reserves)

New Town  (Lakoseljac Cup for Men)

New Town  (State Wide Under 20s Cup)

New Town  (Southern Over 35s)

New Town  (Southern Under 20s Div A)

Previously Associated Competitions

New Town  (2014 Southern Under 20s)

New Town  (Under16 Boys Youth Cup)

New Town Eagles  (Southern Women's Premier League)

New Town Red  (Southern Under 16 Green)

New Town Red  (Southern Under 14 Green)

New Town Red  (Under 14 Boys Youth Cup)

New Town White  (Southern Under 16 Black)

New Town White  (Southern Under 14 Red)

New Town White  (Under 14 Boys Youth Cup)