To all members of the Parkside Senior Football Club.




The Committee of the Parkside Senior Football Club wishes to advise all its members of a special meeting to be held at 7pm on Tuesday August 26th at the Pitcher Park Social Rooms.

The agenda for the meeting will be as follows –

  • Presentation by the Committee in relation to its submission to the V.A.F.A. requesting affiliation with their association from season 2015 Voting of Members in relation to the Committees recommendation to affiliate with the V.A.F.A. from season 2015.


  • Please note voting rights are reserved for Life Members and current financial members only. Current financial members consists of being either a Player Member, Social Member or Ladies Member of the Parkside Senior Football Club. A Proxy vote can be submitted by any of the above members wishing to vote on the Committees recommendation as listed in part 2 of the agenda. The proxy vote must be signed by the member and must state the type of membership they hold. Proxy votes can be either mailed to our mailing address as listed on the Parkside web-site, or forwarded to one of the office bearers who are also listed on the Parkside web-site






Parkside Senior Football Club