2015 Senior Football Coach






 We congratulate Andrew on his appointment and look forward to working with a man who throughout his tenure as Club President, coach and various other roles is wholly and solely committed and dedicate to this Club. Tough times have demonstrated the tenacity and fight that Andrew has and just how far he is willing to strive for the betterment of our club and its members.

Below are a few thoughts regarding his decision as penned by Mels.  

                  "Over the last 6 weeks I have thought long and hard about what the Western Eagles Football Netball Club requires in a senior coach for the 2015 season and beyond. I started to write all the things down that I thought was needed; I then started to think about the best ways to achieve these objectives. Once I had them listed, it was then onto who could coach and get the best results for the club.

            Some people want to coach only if they can win a premiership, some to try to get a foot in the door for a career in coaching and some because they want money. Not many people coach because they want to build a team and a club that will have sustained success on and off the field into the future.

            After more hours driving around and thinking about it, I thought why don’t I apply. I then spoke to a few people in confidentiality before submitting an in depth application.

            As a club, we need to teach this group about the basics of football. After all, it is a basic game that is played by people of all ages, skills and abilities. If it was as complicated a game as some people make it out to be, only a handful of elite people would play. Too many people are paid large sums of money to study and analyze the game to the "nth degree." Then to often small clubs are getting caught up trying to put game plans in place that top level clubs spend hundreds of hours drilling into professional players.

           I have coached at under 12 and 14½ level, been an assistant at under 17½ level and have been chairman of selectors and a selector under 3 different senior coaches.

            I believe that I have a feel for the game and the way it should be played."

Andrew Mallon

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