2012 Premier

Grand Final
Old Xaverians
Sun 23 Sep 2:30 PM at Sportscover Arena (Map)

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Collegians 2.2-14 6.2-38 8.7-55 10.11-71
Old Xaverians 1.3-9 3.6-24 8.8-56 9.10-64
Goal Kickers: C. Blumfield 2, S. Taft 2, N. Ries 2, N. Sautner , L. Ferguson , N. Corp , A. Scott
Best Players: W. Tardif, C. Blumfield, A. Scott, J. Kondarovswkis, N. Corp, N. Ries
Old Xaverians
Goal Kickers: B. Goss 2, J. Williams 2, M. Handley 2, O. Gidley , L. Tiernan , N. Wynne
Best Players: N. Wynne, T. Carey, M. Ball, L. Tiernan, T. Dynon, J. Agius

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