2012 Division 3

Grand Final
Yarra Valley
Sun 23 Sep 2:15 PM at Trevor Barker Oval (Map)

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Ivanhoe 1.3-9 6.4-40 7.9-51 7.9-51
Yarra Valley 0.4-4 4.8-32 8.12-60 19.20-134
Goal Kickers: J. Harty 3, T. Williamson , B. Richardson , M. Lovell , A. Close
Best Players: T. Williamson, P. Walter, G. Francis, L. Roberts, M. Jacobs, J. Harty
Yarra Valley
Goal Kickers: S. Yeo 5, R. Yeo 5, R. Pollard 3, R. Little 2, D. Pagan , S. Donald , M. Wines , S. Savage
Best Players: S. Collie, S. Savage, M. Wines, G. Coutts, D. Letson, R. Yeo

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