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1:00 PM
Sat 26 May
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Guthrie Park 1 (Map)
Havelock NorthYoung Stars 0 FINAL 2 Hibernian D3 Match Centre
3:00 PM
Sat 26 May
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Marewa Park 2 (Map)
Marewa United 4 FINAL 1 Cru Bar Maycenvale Development Match Centre
3:00 PM
Sat 26 May
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Park Island 3 (Map)
Napier Marist D2 3 FINAL 6 Proact Taradale Match Centre
3:00 PM
Sat 26 May
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St Leonards 2 (Map)
Western Rangers Masters 3 FINAL 1 Hastings Rovers Reserves Match Centre

Competition Notes
At the completion of the First round the top 4 in this division and Div 2A will form a new Division 2 and the bottom 4 in each division will form a new Division 3. No points will be carried over.
Each team will then play the other once. At the completion of that round a top 4 bottom 4 split will occur , points will be carried over, the teams will play each other once.

HB Holt Cup
4 Apr - Rd 1, 4 June - Rd 2, 21 Jul - Rd 3, 18 Aug - S/F, Final TBA

Dates are subject to change depending on the requirements of the League competitions.

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