2014 Tamworth AFL Season

Round 17
Sat 11 Aug 1:00 PM at Tamworth No.1 Oval (Map)

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Tamworth Swans 1.4-10 4.5-29 7.11-53 9.14-68
Gunnedah District Bulldogs AFC 3.5-23 4.11-35 7.15-57 11.20-86
Tamworth Swans
Goal Kickers: S. Freer 4, D. Butcher , N. Keam , G. Knee , M. Verrall , W. Priest
Best Players: N. Bradburn, W. Priest, G. Knee, M. Bain, M. Verrall, I. Roberts
Gunnedah District Bulldogs AFC
Goal Kickers: C. Gee 4, M. Pengilly 3, F. Lamb 2, B. Middlebrook , D. Hughes
Best Players: C. Hayden, A. George, J. Woolaston, M. Pengilly, P. Brown, S. Murphy
Sat 11 Aug 2:00 PM at Bellevue Oval (Map)

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
New England Nomads 3.2-20 7.5-47 9.9-63 11.10-76
Tamworth Kangaroos 1.3-9 1.7-13 3.9-27 7.13-55
New England Nomads
Goal Kickers: S. CUSACK 3, W. Whitby 3, V. Chakalisa 2, R. Connor , D. Graan , Z. Economou
Best Players: W. Whitby, J. Frost, G. Elson, B. Julien, L. McLeod, Z. Economou
Tamworth Kangaroos
Goal Kickers: T. Cotter 3, M. Hodge 2, D. Overeem 2
Best Players: T. Cotter, L. Maloney, L. Robinson, A. Hudson, D. Johnson, D. Murden
Inverell Saints
Sat 11 Aug 3:00 PM at Tamworth No.1 Oval (Map)

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Muswellbrook Cats 0.4-4 4.5-29 5.10-40 9.13-67
Inverell Saints 8.3-51 14.7-91 20.11-131 24.18-162
Muswellbrook Cats
Goal Kickers: K. Garland 3, S. McAdam 2, N. May , B. Martin , J. Bower , J. Gageler
Best Players: B. Martin, J. Pursell, J. Braybon, B. Smith, L. Rodgers, K. Garland
Inverell Saints
Goal Kickers: A. Walker 6, J. Kimmince 5, M. Gould 5, T. Williams 2, S. Rynne 2, M. Viney 2, S. Fermor , J. Byrnes
Best Players: M. Gould, C. Schneider, J. Kimmince, T. Williams, A. Walker, S. Fermor

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2014 Tamworth AFL Season