Allied Pickfords Cup

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Week 2 Finals EVENTS


Saturday 6th September
U12 QF: University Vs. South Twmba - 9:45am
U14 QF: Dalby Vs. Toowoomba - 11:00am
U16 QF: Highfields Vs. Coolaroo - 12:30pm
Div 1 QF: Warwick Vs. University - 2:30pm
Venue: Reddies Oval, Jackie Howe Dr - Warwick

Sunday 7th September
Women's PF: 
Dalby Vs. Coolaroo - 12:30pm
Div 2 PF: University Vs. Highfields - 2:30pm
Venue: Rockville Oval, Tor Street - Toowoomba

All finals fixtures can be viewed via the fixture/results tab, results will be live throughout the final series for particular games and results can viewed live by clicking on the match.  

i'm lovin' it

The Careful Movers


AFLDD Allied Pickfords Div 1 Mens
1 Warwick 56
2 University 54
3 Coolaroo 54
4 Goondiwindi 40
5 South Toowoomba 38
6 Highfields 20
7 Toowoomba 10
8 Lockyer Valley 0

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