2012 Western Premiership

Game Reminder
2:30 PM
Sat 25 Aug
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Wembley Park 1 (Map)
HRT Builders Wanganui City 2 FINAL 0 Redsox Manawatu Stewarts Powerbase 1st Team Match Centre

Competition Notes
At completion of 14 rounds League will split into top four or bottom four.
RD 15
1st v 3rd
2nd v 4th
5th v 7th
6th v 8th

RD 16
2nd v 3rd
4th v 1st
6th v 7th
8th v 5th

RD 17
1st v 2nd
3rd v 4th
5th v 6th
7th v 8th

Teams will stay within top four or bottom four regardless of points won.

Chatham Cup Dates
25/4 Cen Region Qualifying
11/12 May Rd 1,
4 June Rd 2 - Central enter with Capital teams
23/24 June Rd 3
7/8 July Rd 4

Mens Federation Cup
9 June - Rd 1, 7th July - Rd 2
Semi- Finals - 4th August
Final - TBC

Dates are subject to change depending on the requirements of the League competitions to meet possible play-off deadlines

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