Liardet 5

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Liardet Street
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Season Fixture for Venue

DATE TIME Competition Name   HOME TEAM   AWAY TEAM  
16/08/14 (Sat) 08:45 (Wellington/Western 9th Grade Blue- 2014....)   Island Bay Kingfish   vs   Miramar Mustangs  
16/08/14 (Sat) 09:20 (Wellington/Western 9th Grade Blue- 2014....)   PNS Western Suburbs Phantoms   vs   Seatoun Titans  
16/08/14 (Sat) 10:00 (Wellington/Western 9th Grade Brown- 2014....)   Island Bay Squid   vs   Wellington United City  
16/08/14 (Sat) 10:35 (Wellington/Western 9th Grade Brown- 2014....)   Miramar Thunderbolts   vs   Seatoun Storm  
23/08/14 (Sat) 08:45 (Wellington/Western 10th Grade Green - 2014....)   Olympic Kronos   vs   Onslow Kanpurs  
23/08/14 (Sat) 09:20 (Wellington/Western 10th Grade Green - 2014....)   Karori Villa   vs   Onslow Cockaynes  
23/08/14 (Sat) 10:00 (Wellington/Western 10th Grade Green - 2014....)   Onslow Kanpurs   vs   Karori Villa  
30/08/14 (Sat) 08:45 (Wellington/Western 10th Grade Yellow - 2014....)   PNS Western Suburbs Vipers   vs   Onslow Ambalas  
30/08/14 (Sat) 09:20 (Wellington/Western 10th Grade Yellow - 2014....)   Onslow Ambalas   vs   Island Bay Marlins  
30/08/14 (Sat)
10:00 (Wellington/Western 9th Grade Green - 2014....)   BNU Stormchasers   vs   Pukerua Bay Skinks  
30/08/14 (Sat)
10:35 (Wellington/Western 9th Grade Green - 2014....)   Karori Man City   vs   Pukerua Bay Skinks  

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