Summer season finals this week

 Semi Finals  

  Court 1 Court 2 Court 3 Court 4
9am U10g U10g u16g u16g
9.50am u10b u10b u12g u12g
10.40am u/14g u/14g u12b d1 u12b d1
11.30am u/18g u/18g u12b d2 u12b d2
12.20pm 14b d1 14b d1 14b d2 14b d2
1.10pm 16b d1 16b d1 16b d2 16b d2
2pm 18b  18b    

Grand Finals  

2pm     10b  10g
3pm 12b d1 12b d2 12g  
4pm 14b d1 14b d2 14g  
5pm 16b d1 16b d2 16g  
6pm 18b 18g    


Answers to frequent queries

  • Finals eligibility:To play finals this season, players need to have played 7 games as a registered player. Registered players print on the game sheets.Handwriting a name on the game sheet does not count towards the 7 games unless the player has registered between the printing of the sheet and the game. If you have players you believe registered but not appearing on the game sheets, email registrar@westgatebasketball.com.au
  • Working with children checks: All coaches over 18 years must have an up-do-date Working with Children Check. These should be entered online using the coaches registration form.
  • Time outs: Each team has two time outs per half.
  • Stopping the clock: The clock should be stopped for all whistles in the last 3 minutes of the second half.
  • Scoring games: Don't forget to cross out the names of any players who do not play. You can download some simple scoring instructions (PDF 1.4 MB) including a sample game you can use to practise scoring.

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