Laxstar Competition

We are running a junior lacrosse competition called LAXSTAR over the next 4 weeks starting 11th Feb.more

Chadstone seeking coaches for 2016

The Chadstone Lacrosse Club are currently seeking enthusiastic coaches for our senior and junior teams for the 2016 season.more

Vale Ron Ricketts

Chadstone Lacrosse Club mourns the loss of Ron Ricketts whose life was tragically cut short on Thursday 12th Nov 2015.more

Chadstone hosting finals

Chadstone has been lucky enough to win the right to host a round of finals on 23 August.more

Reverse Draw August 8

The famous reverse draw will be happening again on August 8 at the Chadstone Lacrosse Club rooms.more

Scott Filliponi: 2015 Stonnington Citizen of the Year for Sport

Scott Filliponi, Senior Men's Coordinator, committee member and division 1 player has been selected by Stonnington City Council as this year's Stonnington Citizen of the Year for Sport.more

Kale Murfett and Rob Collis in the ASPACS

Chadstone Senior Men's players, Kale Murfett and Rob Collis have returned from the ASPAC tournament with a bronze medal!more

Thank you helpers for our Family Day success!

Thanks to everyone who assisted with the lacrosse clinic, canteen, BBQ and raffle and for supporting all of the teams who played on the day!more

Hi all, just in case you missed it in the newsletter... we are selling the Entertainment Book

The book costs $65 per copy and includes discounts for a huge variety of entertainment, food and attractions. You can order these books on-line using to the link below (or you can contact me - Karen).
If you order before 15th April 2015, you'll also receive over $155 worth of Early Bird Offers which you can use straight away.more

Fortnightly newsletter

This year, we will be sending out a fortnightly newsletter to all members who request to get their information this way.more

Back In Motion

Back in Motion, Clayton are offering all Chadstone Lacrosse Club members a special offer. We are offering 50% off first physiotherapy consultations (normally $78 for a standard consultation)and 5% of any further consultations.

Call 9544 8815 to make an appointment now.more

Chaddy and Burnside in the news!

Lacrosse in the West Wimmera District. Newspaper article about our training camp with Burnside read all the details below.more

Team Monash

Chadstone Lacrosse Club is now an official member club of Team Monash. Students of Monash receive special offers by joining Chadstone Lacrosse Club go to https://www.facebook.com/TeamMonash to find out more.
Team Monash is an exciting part of Monash University offering Monash Students a range of sport clubs with Chadstone now officially represented.more

Lacrosse spreads across the globe

Lacrosse is now played in over 60 countries and is now being described as the new sport for the new world. See the map below to get an idea of where lacrosse is being played today.
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International, National and State Lacrosse

Ladder Div 1 Men's

Division 1 Men
1 Moreland 56
2 Williamstown 48
3 Malvern 48
4 Altona 44
5 Chadstone 40
6 MCC 24
7 Eltham 24
8 Footscray 24
9 Melbourne University 8

Ladder A Grade Women's

A Grade Women
1 Footscray 34
2 Chadstone 32
3 Newport 30
4 Williamstown Women 20
5 Altona 12
6 Caulfield 0

Ladder Div 2 Men

Division 2 Men
1 Williamstown 64
2 Surrey Park 40
3 Moreland 40
4 Altona 20
5 Camberwell 16
6 Chadstone 12

Ladder B Grade Women's

B Grade Women
1 Surrey Park 52
2 Malvern 52
3 Eltham 44
4 Williamstown Women 28
5 Newport 22
6 Melbourne University 18
7 MCC 18
8 Chadstone 6

Ladder U/17 Boys

Under 17 Boys

Ladder U/17 Girls

Under 17 Girls
1 Williamstown 54
2 Footscray 54
3 Surrey Park 38
4 Newport 30
5 Caulfield 16
6 Chadstone 0

Ladder U/15 Boys

Under 15 Boys 2014

Ladder U/13 Boys

Under 13 Boys

Ladder U/13 Girls

Under 13 Girls