Fishing Competition 2016

Cod Fingerlings Released.

1750 Fingerlings were released into the local river up stream and down from the boat ramp.

Thanks to Silverwater Native Fish who delivered our little mates safely last Sunday.

Several helpers loaded their boats and released them into the local water.  

In the future we will be able to judge how the release program has helped because each fish has been treated with a special dye that penetrates the bones. It will not effect the meat or the lifespan of the fish but will allow Fisherman to see he / she has captured a released fish.




The Annual Fishing Competition will take place over the weekend of February 12 to 14 2016.

Entry forms out now.

If you have trouble downloading the entry form or need more information. Call Fishing Comp Manager: 0408 027161 or Chief Steward 0429 302006.

Check out the prizes and rules on the link above.

Click on the link below for a PDF Entry Form.



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