Toronto Awaba Juniors

Macquarie Football's '2012 CLUB OF THE YEAR'

   Welcome to the Toronto Awaba Junior Soccer Football Club.  Our club caters for the full spectrum of players. From small sided football to over 35's.  From players who just want to have a kick around on the weekend with their mates to the very competitive and skillful Interdistrict teams.

The club is currently building a five year plan for the future of junior football in the area. The aim is to have A grade teams competing in all age groups going forward and to support this, having a development structure for our coaches to work within so as to improve their skills. We are committed to developing our junior players to enable them to play football at the highest level possible.
This will take time, however the club and coaching staff feel we can begin this journey with selected age groups to pursue A grade competition. As the club grows we will look to expand this base, monitoring results and performance.
Having said all that, we will not forget our tradition of "football for fun" for those that do not want to be involved in highly competitive competitions and making the game accessible to everyone, will always be part of our culture.
So if you are looking for a family and community minded club to either help you improve your game or to have a kick around with your mates on the weekend, why not give us a call on 0435810883 and leave us your details, or email us on tajfc@live.com.au.

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You can find us on facebook 



Notice Board

Finnan Oval is OPEN 
Last updated 11 June 2014



Saturday 9th August at 6pm

Toronto Hotel Function Room

10 people per table at $25 per head
(includes finger food)

Table sales will be at the Clubhouse 

Wednesday 23 July, 4pm to 6pm; and

Saturday 26th July 9.30am to 11.30am and 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Limited seating so be quick!!!

General Committee Meeting 

  Friday 25 July 2014 6.30pm the Clubhouse at Finnan Oval. 

BBQ after the meeting, all welcome. 

 Please contact Rachel Sager on 0435810883 or email tajfc@live.com.au.



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